TOO IN LOVE Music video treatment by yellowbox films


The song is about a girl that I have feelings for but the timing isn’t right. We’ve tried to make it work but she just can’t seem to understand the amount of time I need to commit to my career. Her over controlling behavior turns to an obsession and she eventually breaks.


  • MYNDS links up with girl to take her out, as he picks her up he quickly puts his phone away, the girl looks suspicious.
  • Once out, they order a glass of red wine, they cheers and exchange looks
  • When looking away or at his phone, the girl drops powder in MYNDS drink.
  • MYNDS begins to get dizzy, we see his point of view and everything going into a blurry mental state, he stumbles into the bathroom and looks into the mirror, as he exits the bathroom, the girl helps escort him out of the restaurant.
  • Girl and MYNDS walk out to car.
  • Girl helps MYNDS into the back seat.
  • Girl drives to random location where she parks car.
  • She pours line of gasoline from car to table set out with dozen burning roses.
  • Girl picks one rose and throws it on ground and to start gasoline on fire.
  • Girl walks away as gasoline line burns towards car.
  • Car blows up, the girl walks down the road as the sun is setting / or rising.

Additional shots / B-roll

  • Roses / Burning roses / roses falling on the ground / burnt roses aftermath
  • gasoline being poured in slow-mo
  • powder being dropped into drink in slow-mo
  • body language between girl and Mynds
  • shots inside the car, rear view mirror, driving along side the car, wind in the girls hair
  • Mynds in the backseat of the car, his blurry vision POV as the car drives

Wardrobe inspiration


Monochrome colors - whites, blacks, greys, simple and cool


Also, monochrome, simple but sexy


this is a location in the desert near the Superstition mountains that i have shot at before. Has amazing sunsets and nice mountains in the background. would work great for the car burning / table scene

Restaurant TBD

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