Then and Now By Katie Orillion

Most of our favorite childhood television shows have seen many changes over the years. How many are you familiar with?

1. Strawberry Shortcake

1980’s ragdoll Strawberry Shortcake has undergone possibly the most alarming transformation out of any of these beloved childhood favorites. From pudgy rag doll to pretty princess, Strawberry Shortcake has achieved the glow-up we all wish for.

2. Sesame Street

Though the change may be welcome, sesame street has changed a lot from its 1969 release, and even from our childhood. Though the characters look more friendly and inviting, there’s still something nostalgic about the old style.

3. Bob the Builder

Anyone who watched Bob the Builder as a child will remember the helpful construction worker with a singing toolbox and a cantaloupe head. However, the new episodes portray Bob as less of a bowling ball and more of a human being.

4. Blue’s Clues

Blue’s Clues has been fairly consistent through the years, but the undeniable difference stems from the change in host. The man in green has been replaced with the man in blue, and he will be greatly missed.

5. My Little Pony

Long, luxurious manes and huge eyes were not always a staple of the My Little Pony style. In fact, the original 1986 release of My Little Pony featured several human characters as well as ponies.

6. The Wiggles

Though the changes in the wiggles were not planned, the difference in the cast is clear between the 1991 cast and today’s. With the addition of a female member, and the retirement of several older members, the wiggles are almost unrecognizable, save their iconic colored outfits.

7. Powerpuff Girls

Though not too much has changed between the 1998 Powerpuff girls and today’s stylistic changes, like the size of their eyes, can be off-putting to nostalgia seekers.

8. Mystery Inc.

The Scooby Doo crew has undergone several changes since their first appearance on television, appearing in many styles and in live action. For instance, cleaner linework and a skinnier Scooby appear in the new animated episodes.

The Scooby Gang then and now

9. Arthur

Though he is still marketed in this way, the recent Arthur seems to have forgotten that he is an aardvark. He was originally created in 1976 with a long nose, sad eyes, and little pointy ears.

10. Teletubbies

Though changes to the Teletubbies have been surprisingly minimal, they have undergone some major plastic surgery to bring them into the 21st century. With iPads on their stomachs instead of TVs, and their indoor, greenscreen recording studio, the Teletubbies seem to have lost a bit of their magic to some of their older viewers.


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