Our Manor 14-18 June 2021

Message from the Principal and Vice Principal

Having enjoyed blistering temperatures for a few days we are now in the midst of a couple of weeks of downpours, however, we will not let this dampen our spirits as we are feeling elated today because we have completed and submitted the Centre Assessed Grades process for Year 11 and Year 13 grade allocation. This is the end point of a huge whole school effort by the students who have completed the assessments and the staff who have had to prepare, administer, mark, moderate and quality assure them over the past few weeks and months. All of this while we continue to cope with the impacts of a global pandemic.

This effort has been recognised by Chris Hill, CEO of Nene Education Trust who wrote in a letter to Manor School staff today:

“I wanted to personally thank you for your remarkable efforts this year to ensure that the teacher assessed grades for all your students have been formed with such dedication and integrity. You have, in my opinion, taken the hardest but right route to these grades by ensuring they are based on a range of evidence that truly reflects the performance of the students. This has meant that you have put in many hours over and above anything ever expected before. As you near the end of this phase of the process you will all be able to reflect with pride that you have given all our students the fairest deal available to them.”

Over the coming weeks we will publish all of the information required regarding results day organisation and appeals processes so that students and their families can make any plans that are necessary.

This week students in Years 8 and 10 have moved to different pods. This has allowed students in Year 10 to have the opportunity to use the science labs for practical lessons. Well done to all for a smooth transition.

This week we have also had Year 11 students starting their sixth form inductions. From conversations with the students and seeing some lessons, this has been extremely positive. We would like to thank Mr Carter and the sixth form team for planning such an effective transition. For any questions regarding the sixth form induction, please contact Mr Carter (dcarter@manor.school).

Over the next two weeks, Years 10 and 12 will be completing their trial examinations. This is an important stage for students to put their knowledge and skills into practice. Further details of this process can be found later on in this edition of Our Manor. We wish the students well.

As we approach the last few weeks of term, it is important that students continue to display our REACH values. As of 12pm today, we have awarded over 27,000 REACH points to students in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 which is fantastic. Looking at individual year groups, there is as little as one single REACH point difference between tutor groups, so there really is still time for students to do their bit for the leaderboards.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our staff. As a school we are very lucky to have great teachers and support staff. An example of this is the hard work and continued dedication of our site and cleaning teams who ensure the site is safe and clean. We will continue to work hard to improve our facilities over the coming months.

Thank you for your continued support. We wish you a fantastic weekend.

Jay Davenport, Principal, and Glenn Martin, Vice Principal

Wearing of blazers in hot weather

For the last two weeks we have basked in glorious sunshine and temperatures over 25 degrees for the vast majority of the time. In these temperatures we always give our students the option to wear blazers or not. Our threshold sits at 19 degrees.

Next week looks like a mixed bag with regards to weather so we request that all students bring their blazer with them to school. It is likely that at the start of the week students will be required to wear blazers. If the temperature exceeds 19 degrees we will issue a no blazer option for students.

Pastoral team

PE uniform

A reminder that students must be wearing the correct PE uniform for PE – no other items are permitted, and the new PE kit is available to order from Karlsports.

Students who are in the incorrect uniform will be sanctioned according to the school uniform and behaviour policies.

Tackling online hate

'Online hate' can affect anyone in the form of inappropriate messages about communities and individuals. In the spirit of the Euros where there are 24 teams from 24 countries coming together, we can celebrate different cultures - a great opportunity also, to remind everyone how to respond appropriately to anything they might be exposed to, as well as how to set a positive example. Please see the attached guide for more information and guidance.

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Miss Collier

Manor Maths Challenges

There are some weather-based questions in this week's edition of Mrs Radd's blog, inspired by the 30 Days Wild challenge.

Year 10 and 12 trial examinations

Over the next two weeks a programme of Year 10 and 12 trial examinations will take place. Trial examinations are an important part of the learning process as they allow students to experience the intensity of an examination period and answer the types of question they will encounter in the real examination under similar conditions. They are also a useful tool by which students, teachers and parents/carers can judge the effectiveness of the learning process. We request your support in the run up to these trial examinations to ensure that students are revising and preparing properly. This is vital if they are to gain full benefit from the experience.

It is also very important that students are present at school during this period. We will endeavour to provide an opportunity for students to sit these trial examinations at a later date if they are absent, but it will not have the same value as the intensity of the examination period cannot be replicated on an individual basis.

Students have already been issued with a timetable of when specific exams will take place, and links to these can be found below. Examinations will take place in normal teaching rooms and students will be in normal timetabled lessons when they are not completing examinations. Thank you in advance for your support at this time.

Weekly REACH Champions