Florida Museum of Natural History Morgan prezzano

Nature on Display

Out of all the exhibits in the Florida Museum of Natural History, this underwater one was very appealing to me because the ocean is my happy place. One of the main reasons on why this exhibit really stood out to me was because of how realistic the large sculptures of the different creatures were, the eyes just popped out at me and some even startled me! On top of that, there was underwater sounds that filled the room which gave it a majestic feel. With the large sculptures of the animals I was able to learn about the structural differences between them. Overall, I really loved how realistic and immersive each and every exhibit was.

Nature and Ethics

The butterfly garden was a great way for me to feel apart of the "biotic community" as Leopold would put it. As I was surrounded by the vibrant green of the plants, and butterflies of each color of the rainbow I felt such an appreciation for the world around me. I felt so calm and at peace watching the butterflies flutter around and drink from the flowers. I astonished at how beautiful such little creatures can be and it made me want to protect the bushes and habitats that they thrive in. Not only did I love this portion of the museum but everyone around me had smiles on their faces and were pointing out all the different butterflies and birds that were camouflaging themselves in the leaves. This museum brought it's visitors up close and personal to nature, so close that they could practically touch it! After experiencing the beauty of the many exhibits, it makes me want to preserve such natural places around the world and to maybe create a butterfly garden of my own.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This display took me deeper into the earth around me and made me realize that there is more to something than what is on it's surface. When I walk around campus or around a park all I see is the dirt or mulch that has been laid for a walk way but in reality there are years and years of history buried underneath it. There are so many things that we can learn about our ancestors or the evolution of animals by looking through the sediment at beaches. We are not sure how the earth and the universe were created but by looking at the eternal we can see that they have been around for a very very long time and that we still have so much to learn.

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