Out of Order:Transgender Bathroom Rights kamryn shockley

Transgender bathrooms have became a prominent issue in American culture.

While some Americans believe that transgender men and women should not be able to use the bathroom that they identify with because they believe it poses a safety concern, not allowing transgender men and women to use the bathroom they identify with is a right they should have to promote equality to all Americans.

Laws, Discrimination, and Safety are the three main points that make contemporary America not as great as it could be.

A variety of laws have been passed that created controversy on the issue of transgender bathrooms.“North Carolina's newest state law takes away the ability for any other city or county in the state to pass general anti-discrimination laws protecting a range of people” (Douglas).The North Carolina bill was sued by the Obama administration.

Safety is the most vital for all Americans to be equal. If a transgender male cannot use the bathroom it violates his rights as an American citizen.In a survey it found that 12 percent of transgender people were verbally harassed in public restrooms(Trotta). Another 1 percent were physically attacked and 1 percent were sexually assaulted”(Trotta). As an American, The citizens of this great nation should not be abused verbally, sexually, or physically just by using the bathroom they identify with.

In America many outside countries would think that contemporary America doesn't have a problem with discrimination, those people would be wrong.In America transgender men and women are discriminated against every single day on the basis they use the restroom.“As a nation, more and more of us have come to recognize and oppose discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, It is time to raise the country’s consciousness on gender identity and expression and add them to the list of protected categories.” (“Transgender rights”).

Many citizens believe that if transgender men and women use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify, because it may cause a safety issue for other men, women, and children.They believe it will become a "mean muscle-flexing" effort by state lawmakers playing on unjustified fears that transgender people could become sexual predators in bathrooms”(Douglas).

The solution: Treat everyone the way you would want to be treated, to make our country United.


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