Witness, Mercy, Life Together Your LCMS Missionaries, Rev. Gary and Stephanie Schulte, at work in West and Central Africa

In February 2018 the annual CAU was held. This is an annual meeting of all of the church leaders from each of the Francophone countries that the LCMS has work in. Here Gary is greeting everyone at the end of the opening worship service.
During the annual CAU, the CLET does not hold classes so Stephanie takes advantage of this time to teach the CLET wives.
This year we worked together through the Community Health Evangelism Women's Cycle of Life program. Here she is talking about the birth process.
Presentation of certificates of completion to the wives was especially exciting.
In March of 2018, they welcomed another Mercy Medical Team to the tiny country of The Gambia. In this picture Gary and Steph are greeting Doctors Charles Roberts and Isaac Jabang. They are two of the top doctors in the Gambia and were integral to the successful MMT.
Each clinic day began with prayer.
The Gambian medical doctors, lab tech and pharmacist worked tirelessly for 5 days, seeing close to 1000 patients.
Our Gambian/American Team at the end of the last clinic day.
In May we hosted another Mercy Medical Team. This time we went to Sierra Leone. Pictured here is Rev. John Bundor delivering a Christian message to the largely Muslim crowd gathered before the start of clinic.
Rev. James Yasseh worked tirelessly in the extremely hot pharmacy all 5 clinic days.
The Sierra Leonean medical staff was phenomenal. Working all day with only a short break and seeing close to 300 patients per day. This is Rose Stevens, a Community Health Officer (think Physician Assistant) who was a joy to work with.
This is Michael, another C.H.O., who gave excellent care to each patient he saw.
Here you see RN Michael Bio (the actual president of the country's younger brother) doing wound care. He worked each day treating and dressing wounds making our limited supplies last as long as possible.
This is Pastor Stephen Ngaujah. He is a Lutheran pastor as well as a soon to be C,H,O. Without his tireless work the MMT would never have happened. He was Steph's liaison with the church, the government, the medical personnel and the pharmacy supply store.
In June we were blessed to attend the first round of baptisms and confirmations at the Lutheran congregation which meets at the CLET.
We also welcomed short term volunteer Ben Osenbach who came to help with the transition to a new accountant at the CLET as the previous one retires. This is Ben, Valerie Stonebreaker, and Gary at the construction site of the new Dapaong Lutheran School.
the plans for the school building.
President Lambon adds the first trowel of cement under the cornerstone.
The National Bureau of the Lutheran Church of Togo… A short liturgical service being given for the laying of the cornerstone
A hired neighborhood woman hauling water for the making of the bricks…
The mason making the bricks…
The masons removing a stump that was in the way.
Lattice work being placed for a corner pillar.
The structure beginning to take shape…
the trusses going up.
Looking more and more like a school every day!
It is with great excitement and thanksgiving to god that we announce the opening of the first lutheran school in Togo.
kokou helps move benches for the first day of school.
the 7th graders look as thrilled for the first day of school as american 7th graders.
In June Gary attended the installation of Rev. John Donkoh. Rev. Donkoh is the new and only second president of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana.
rev. donkoh has a big job ahead of him. Please continue to remember him in your prayers.
In June Steph returned to the States to attend the Global Health Conference and Tropical Medicine Overview held in Grand Saline, Texas.
Pastor Joseph shares the gospel in Pissy, one of the 13 preaching stations he has helped daughter.
Taking a nap in mom's lap during church.
The ELT donated grain to help their brother pastor, Joseph, in Burkina Faso.
Heading to Tensega otherwise known as "The Motorcycle Church".
Pastor Joseph introduces the Illustrated Word program created by Rev. Tim Heiney for sharing the gospel with illiterate people.
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