TMBS Newsletter March 2021

Online Learning Together

From a teacher's perspective we would like to thank students and parents for what has been an incredibly challenging term. Students' resilience, adaptability and commitment to learning has been well and truly noted.

When the news came through from the Prime Minister on January 4th that students would be learning remotely it’s fair to say my heart dropped and we were all worried about what lay ahead, but I’m pleased to say those fears were quickly alleviated when I logged on to my first lesson that first Tuesday morning to see my Year 11 students smiling back at me (with one or two icons depending on how brave they were feeling).

Although everyone knows it can never replace having students in the classroom, we very quickly got used to this different way of teaching, and whilst the phrases “I can’t find the link Sir” or “I think you’re on mute Miss” cropped up from time to time, everyone’s confidence grew and the work produced by some students was truly exceptional under the circumstances. There is too much to cover here, but walking around the school it was amazing at times to watch and hear Miss Armstrong’s aerobic sessions, drama students paired up and rehearsing scripts remotely, students in all years working collaboratively in groups on google documents in English, and Maths students solving Maths problems on interactive whiteboards.

We should also acknowledge those 50 students that we got to see each day in the ICT rooms. Whilst their peers were at home they came into school every day with a smile on their face (most of the time) and continued with the learning in what was a very surreal environment initially.

Over two weeks has now passed and it's been great to see the school fill up with students. Seeing them back in the classroom (albeit from behind a mask) is a truly lovely feeling and whilst I know we have number of students who may be be feeling anxious, you have our assurances it will be okay and we will get through it together.

If you focus on doing your best and supporting one another everything else will fall into place.

Have a well-deserved and restful Easter break. Mr Beckitt, Vice Principal

Mr Beckitt

Mrs Wright's Live Cook-along

During the lockdown period Mrs Wright's Year 10 Catering class made many meals for their families during their online lessons, cooking along with Mrs Wright live in her kitchen at home. They made a wide variety of dishes based on American and Mexican food. It was a great opportunity to get away from a screen and develop their practical skills whilst also creating dinner for the whole family for later that day.

A Day for Pi(e)!

3.14159… and on and on it goes. Every year, mathematicians around the world celebrate Pi on the 14th March. Here at TMBS we celebrated it on Monday 15th March with plenty of pi-themed activities happening throughout the day. The maths department was beauti-pi-d with puzzles and the first 100 digits, and our maths teachers got into the spirit of things too!

Year 7 looked at how close we could get to pi using fractions. Year 8 calculated the digits of pi using mathematical calculations. Year 9 completed the pi challenge, creating the numbers 1 to 100 using the first 5 digits of pi (3 1 4 1 5).

Year 10 competed to see who could draw the most accurate circle. Year 11 took part in some friendly competition through pi themed dingbats (once we’d explained what dingbats were…). See below for a few for you to try!

Not only were there activities taking place in maths, departments throughout the school also got involved with some of their KS3 classes. In English, Year 7 created some fantastic pi poems and raps! Year 8s practiced their sewing skills by creating perfect circles in textiles, or by creating the mathematical symbol for pi using cheese straws in food. Mrs Wright also had her Year 10s cooking up a storm from meringue pies, fruit pies to even some Dutch strudel - yummy! And at lunch, Mr Palmer cooked up… you guessed it… pies!

Throughout the week, in their maths lessons, students took part in the inaugural TMBS pi digits competition - ‘How many digits can you remember?’ Here are the results:

  1. Daniel A - 176 digits - Year 7
  2. Daisy H - 120 digits - Year 9
  3. Lottie P - 107 digits - Year 8
  4. Elliot W - 100 digits - Year 10
  5. Heather W - 100 digits - Year 9
  6. Mimi B - 85 digits - Year 7
  7. Joseph S - 57 digits - Year 7
  8. Oliver T - 51 digits - Year 8
  9. Phoebe S - 50 digits - Year 10
  10. Daniel C - 41 digits - Year 7
  11. Harriet - 37 digits - Year 7
  12. Emily K - 36 digits - Year 8
  13. Alice C - 35 digits - Year 10
  14. Oscar G - 34 digits - Year 7
  15. Ella W - 31 digits - Year 9
  16. James C - 11 digits - Year 9
  17. Zak G - 9 digits - Year 9
  18. Archie C - 8 digits - Year 9
  19. Alex L - 8 digits - Year 10
  20. Ollie - 8 digits - Year 8
  21. Callum V - 7 digits - Year 10
  22. Fin S - 6 digits - Year 7
  23. Cara C - 4 digits - Year 7

Well done to everyone on a fantastic competition! See you all next year for some more pi themed activities and some pie!

Have a great Easter from all of the Maths Department.

A fun way to test your knowledge

It has been a welcome return to school for Year 7 who have been making revision board games in science. Nim Nicholson and Chloe Green produced an animal inspired race-to-the-finish quiz, which included all of the work they had covered during lockdown; and some of their favourite animals.

Rose Harris, Grace Petcher, Flo Nicolle and Cara Christelow reinvented Monopoly with a science theme; including all 3 topics from the current rotation and 3 levels of question difficulty for each. They even made their own money, bank and property which could be used in the game.

All of the students played each other's games and were competing to see who knew the most about science.

Year 7 Challenges

Well done to 7E, who were the Year 7 Christmas Challenge Champions! All tutor groups competed in an 'It's a Knockout' style competition with lots of different games and challenges -their tutors didn't get away with it, they had to get involved too!

The year group have also been reflecting on lockdown and sharing all the positive things they were inspired to do.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to Tesco and Morrisons who kindly donated 50 Easter Eggs each towards our rewards assembly for the end of term.

At the time of writing, the Year 7 Easter Challenge was yet to take place and the Champions were still unknown. Could Miss Hooton claim the prize for a second time??

TMBS Airlines – Endurance Challenge 2021

Congratulations to all the students who embarked on and completed the TMBS Airlines Endurance Challenge 2021.

With the prospect of another National Lockdown the PE department felt that it was important to try and maintain our physical and mental well being. So on Monday 11th January 2021 we launched an Endurance Challenge that would take both staff and students to their dream holiday destination. They could either walk, run, cycle, ride or row and log their miles over a 6 week period to attempt to reach the destination of their choice. These destinations included:

Over the 6 week period students logged over 7,000 miles. The PE staff were overwhelmed with the response and would like to congratulate ALL students who achieved their initial goal. Some even exceeded it!!!! (In true TMBS spirit!!!)

Special congratulations to the following students who logged the most miles in each year group -

Exams & Attendance


Mock exams will take place from Monday 7th June through to Monday 14th June. Seated timetables will be issued in May.

Why not prepare a mock revision timetable using a Google Sheets (Schedule).


With external exams not taking place this year exam boards and the Joint Centre for Qualifications (JCQ) are working together to provide as much information and support to students, please see some links for the exam boards below:

AQA - https://www.aqa.org.uk/2021-exam-changes/support-for-students

Eduqas - https://www.eduqas.co.uk/home/summer-2021-information-and-updates/

OCR - https://ocr.org.uk/everything-you-need-to-know-for-summer-2021/students/

Pearson - https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/campaigns/summer-2021-support/support-for-students-parents-and-carers.html

Our advice to students is to continue to work hard and do your best!!


Attendance Reminder..

  • To support us in safeguarding our children, please remember to call in on each day of absence when your child is off school.
  • Please contact your child's tutor or head of year if you feel that your child is missing too much school – interventions may help!
  • Please contact us if you have any concerns about your child's attendance.

Careers as a Civil Engineer

Ex TMBS student Florence Towersey recently delivered an engaging and inspirational careers talk to some of our Year 9 science students focusing on Civil Engineering.

Florence is in her first year at the University of Nottingham studying civil engineering and was recently awarded a scholarship with the institution of civil engineers (ICE). She is keen to inspire the next generation of students with her passion for engineering and her career journey so far.

Students had the opportunity to find out more and ask questions about what Civil Engineering is and the different industries available to work in, subject and grade requirements and how they can really make a difference in the world.

Red Nose Day 2021 - what a success!

With the year that has been, everyone was ready for a good old fundraiser and the students of TMBS certainly did not disappoint. Every year the bar is set higher and higher in the amount that is raised. Unfortunately, this year we couldn’t do the normal stalls and mayhem, therefore chocolate bingo it was and by the end of the game, even those that thought they were too cool for a bit of bingo were well and truly committed! Fun was had by all, along with a little bit of frustration for those who were waiting on one number, but it was certainly something different and something I think we all needed.

Well done to the winners:

Line Prizes:

  • Lucy Nash 11B
  • Aaron Broadhurst 11G
  • Eleni Varnavas 8A
  • Phoebe Stubbs 10E
  • Zack Michalowski 11A
  • Finley Coltman 7A

Full House Prizes:

  • Olivia Chetwynd 9D
  • Issy Sykes 10C
  • Mr Mills’ Tutor Group 7C
  • Belle Howarth 8C
  • Mr Shepherd
  • Lily Riley-Flinders 7C

Thank you all for your support and amazing efforts on the day that raised a staggering £2704.57, all of which will go directly to Comic Relief. We would also like to say a big thank you to Eva Neville, whose Mum works at Tesco and kindly donated an additional hamper for the event.

Parking Plea

For any parents that drop off and collect their children from school, please can we kindly reiterate the need to do so away from the school. There have been several incidents recently that could have resulted in a serious accident happening. It gets very busy and dangerous at the start and end of the school day. We thank you in advance for your support on this.

The Dixie Educational Foundation Launches its Website

Everyone will be aware of the “Dixie Grammar School” building in Market Bosworth, but have you ever thought about its history? Whilst the buildings are currently used by the Dixie Grammar School (part of Leicestershire Independent Education Trust) they are wholly owned by the Dixie Educational Foundation which established a school there around 1592 - 1601.

The objectives of the Foundation are to assist the finances of St Peter’s Primary School in Market Bosworth, the High School of Market Bosworth, associated schools, and organisations within the beneficial areas, and to assist with grants for the educational benefit of young persons under the age of 25, who reside in the beneficial or extended beneficial areas.

You can find out more about the Trust at: www.dixieeducationalfoundation.co.uk

Could you help Boost our Budget?

We’re pleased to announce that The Market Bosworth School is part of the My School Fund initiative. This innovative scheme allows for us to be able to boost our school’s budget with your help.

How does it work?

Parents, guardians and carers can sign up to the scheme for free and start earning cashback on the things they buy in participating retail stores, including Sainsbury’s and Argos. As you spend you’ll receive 2% cashback in the form of eGift vouchers that can be redeemed in participating stores. By linking your spend to our school on the My School Fund website we’ll also earn 1% cashback on your spend.

Add that all up across our school’s network of families and together we can all make a big difference!

How to get involved

Visit myschoolfund.org to register for free and link to The Market Bosworth School. From there, everything you spend in participating stores will go towards helping boost our budget, plus your own!

Sign up today at myschoolfund.org

St George's Day

St George's Day in England remembers St George, England's patron saint. The anniversary of his death, which is on April 23, is seen as England's national day. According to legend, he was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess.

On Friday 23rd April, Mr Palmer and his team will celebrate St George's Day by serving England's favourite dinner - fish and chips! Please make sure your child's account is regularly topped up and in credit.