Good Life Performance CJ Mcwilliams

Entering the building I was filled with excitement. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I felt relaxed and focus. My seat was in the back middle where I saw everything. I think my experience would have been the same if I had sat at a different location. The size of the auditorium is appropriate because everything flowed together with the amount of seats that was available to the students and the size of the stage for the play. Most of the seats was filled so the room size was great because everyone had a seat and no one was crowded. Places are important to achieve a good life because if you are in the right environment and surrounded by good people then there will be less distractions and good things will happen to you.

I attended the performance with my friends. Having my friends at the play made me feel comfortable and that i would have a good time. Being with strangers at the theater would have made me feel a little shy and nervous. Before the play I got comfortable by eating and putting on comfortable clothes like sweats and slippers. Shared experiences is important because you will have more meaningful connection to where you are and what situation you are in. Sharing experiences are important but it is also important for someone to go on their own to experience something to achieve.

The performance took place over a hundred years ago in a different country where times were simpler because of the lack of technology. The clothes and possessions that were shown on stage were very different then what we have in today society. The central issue address was the issue between the church and theater. Those two areas had different views on different topics. The church wanted to stop the actress Sarah Bernhardt from performing because she had different views from the church and the church did not want her ideas impacting the town. I did not know what the play was about before attending the performance. The subject matter did not have a relationship to something happening in my life.

A play for Sarah Bernhardt provide us an opportunity for Katharsis meaning coming clean. Coming clean mean saying the truth and owning up to your mistakes. This performance taught that the only way to live a good life is by being truthful. I am very honest and truthful in everything I do.

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