God Gives Hope God Lets Anyone Live Through a Bronze Snake.

Recently, there has been complaints and grumbling among the Israelites to God. The complaints are about their food, hunger, and water, resulting a consequence from God. That consequence is deadly encounters with snakes and myriad deaths that seemed infinite. However, there was a sign of hope shown to them by God. Hope that they might be saved.

God provided them food, the quail and the dew, what was enough, but not enough for them. He provided them water, the water that came out of the rock that Moses struck with his staff. That was also not enough for them. The Israelites didn't appreciate what they have and complained and grumbled, thinking they deserve more.

As the leader of the Israelites, Moses said that there is still hope. That hope is through the bronze snake that God told him to make. It is said that whoever looks at it that has faith in God, will live. The Israelites who looked at the bronze snake were healed by God. Those people were very grateful to God.

I have interviewed Aaron, older brother of Moses, and asked him about the people. He said,"Some of the Israelites doubted that the bronze snake was going to heal them. Some of them didn't believe at first but had faith in God and looked at the snake, which healed them." One of the Israelites that I interviewed said,"A bronze snake? How was I suppose to believe that? Since that was the only way that can heal me then, I looked at it with faith and I got healed."

Only way to be saved is to look at the bronze snake.

If you were to get bitten by a snake, what will you do? Will you look at the snake or not?


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