The first week of the final major project I spent doing work experience in Florence, Italy which spanned across 3 weeks but only intruded on the first week of the project. Despite being there I still managed to start small aspects of the project up like starting to take photo's of buildings as reference material for my own work. Besides the Florentine architecture being very detailed and well worth noting down for the vast majority of my buildings they were all built around the time I plan on building my house at. I also went on 2 walking tours while in Italy, first in Florence and the second in Pisa which helped me understand how specific types of architecture came to be and also why they were designed the way they are.

All the photo's they I gathered from Florence were all done using my phone so the quality wont be as good as professionally taken photo's but i think due to the amount I have taken (around 200) this wont matter as much. It's also primary data as well so I have predetermined ideas and concepts for specific photo's which I had in mind when taking them. The walking tours in Florence and Pisa will also help because Florentine culture has christian roots in beaded deep within it.

Next week I will begin and finish work on my proposal as well as my proposal presentation As well as performing my presentation.

Some of the reference martial I have gotten from Florence

Towards the end of the week I decided to trace out the first 3 levels for my game since next week I will begin creating the levels in unreal for the show on the 4th.

First 3 levels

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