The 3D Printed Boat Challenge By noelle

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Buoyancy is a force that pushes an object in a fluid up against gravity causing it to float, if the buoyant force is greater than gravity. A boat has the ability or tendency to float. To calculate the buoyancy you must take the weight of the volume of the water displaced by the boat (N), and compare it to the gravity. The force of gravity is 10 newtons (N). If the boat is floating, it will mean that the object has an equal or less amount of density to the water (1 g/mL). To find density you must take the mass of the object and divide it by it’s volume, and if the object has a lower density than the water density, then it will float. To make my boat float, I hollowed it out so the weight would be less. I also made a keel so it could balance in the water. In conclusion, a boat can float if the density is less than the water.

Assessment of my boat's strengths and weaknesses

My boat successfully floated with three coins, both in still water and with waves. My boat performed on average compared to the others, some floated better others worse. If I were to make a new boat design, I would increase the overall size and make it a little wider to improve the stability.

Thank you :-)


Created with images by xtnrq - "boat" • Mariamichelle - "ship boat lake garda" • PublicDomainPictures - "float serene boat"

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