Agents of Oils Young Living Independent Distributors Launch Call Schedule

Our Agents of Oils team is dedicated to Launching you to Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.

Choose any of our regularly scheduled Launch Calls to learn how you can help others, have fun while doing it, provide answers to their questions and build a residule income that will LAUNCH you into your desired FREEDOM.

IF I present factual, researched information on how you can proactively care for your health and wellness in a natural, wholesome way - WILL YOU give our products a closer and sincere look?

IF I can fill you in on how you can live a life of traveling, daily variety, meeting friends you don't know yet and living life to the full - WILL YOU cast caution to the wind and let me enlighten you on the exciting adventure that awaits?

IF I present to you how you can be positioned to help others in a meaningful, heartfelt way - WILL YOU say 'YES', roll up your sleeves and help me do the same?

Sharena is truly dedicated and committed to helping individuals realize their true potential in the area of health and wellness. She believe individuals should be prosperous physically and spiritually. She is determined to educate people to achieve that with a natural way of living.

If I present to you how you can be positioned to help others in a meaningful, heartfelt way – WILL YOU say ‘YES’, roll up your sleeves and help me do the same?

Sherita King is like a sword of truth yet filled with gentle words. Her burden, passion and conviction is to study to help and ensure others know how to live in Wellness; Fulfill their Purpose and experience Abudance spiritually, physically and financially.

IF I connect you with a team of entrepreneurs that are reaching their health, physical and financial goals and showing others how to do the same - WILL YOU stop doubting and join our business team?

IF I show you how you can "FIRE" your current boss, become your own boss, paying yourself what you desire and what you are worth WILL YOU give me 30 minutes of your time so I can show you how to make this happen?

Angela Jordan Perry's no 'BS', no hype will come at your clear and plain. She shoots from the hip with precision to help you see exactly what is needed for success in your health and for success in business building with Young Living. Her leadership and laser-like focus will systematically lead you towards reaching your goals. And it starts with Wellness. Purpose and Abundance.

A few things are important as you decide to move forward:

Are you ready for Wellness, Purpose & Abudance? How many people do you want to help? How much money do you want in the form of residual income? Which starter packages will you begin with? How much time will you waste before getting started?

Package #1: Purchase all THREE kits $550 with tax/shipping

Package #2: Purchase any TWO kits $370 shipping/tax

Pacakge #3: Purchase only ONE kit $180 shipping/tax



Agents of Oils Team - Launch Call Schedule Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributors

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