Hank The Cowdog, The Case of the Falling Sky by, John R, Erickson

Genre : Children's Literature

Biography : John R Erickson has written 80 books and published over 600 articles and is the main author in the Hank the Cowdog series.

The Time and Setting: The setting is set around the 1940's

Plot Summary: At the beginning a chicken has informed Hank that the sky is going to fall. At first Hank doesn't believe him, but after a dream and a rumor from Pete the Barncat. He realizes that he needs to do something to save his farm from the sky that he has been told that is going to fall.

Characters: Hank the Cowdog- Head Ranch Security and main character , Drover - Hanks loyal sidekick , Sally May - The wife of High Loper and the mother of Little Alfred and Little Molly, High Loper- He's the owner of the ranch and Hanks master.

Theme: You don't need to listen to what everyone else tells you.

Primary Conflict: As other animals join in on the panic that the sky is going to fall, soon they realize they have been tricked and Hank is to blame for it. The conflict is resolved by getting the word spread that it wasn't Hank.

Quote 1: " Do you see it now? I know you must be saddened and shocked. So was I, and you know what really broke my heart about the deal? I had dared to trust the little pest!" pg. 72

Quote 2: " It was a joke....chicken gossip. Honest, I never dreamed we'd get out into the middle of the story and...." pg. 48

Each quote contributes to the book by showing a little of how the book will fold out in the end.

Vocab. Words: Polarity- The property of being poles or being polar. Division- The action of separating something into parts. Tranquittery- The quality of state of being calm. Frazzling - Cause to feel completely exhausted. Screeched - A loud, harsh, or piercing cry.

My opinion: I had read parts of the book before and other parts now I can say it was a really good book and from my experience of reading a few other hank the cowdog books I enjoyed this one.

Sites: Google.com, Wikipedia.com, hankthecowdog.com, buffalolib.org


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