Turtle Armor Designed by: Eric H. and Christian L.

For this project we have chosen to figure out more about the amazingly strong turtle shell. We have figured out a way to replicate the shell and make it a flexible but very durable material.

Before we tell you more you have to know what a biomimicry device is because that is what we used to make this product. A biomimicry device is a device that is based off nature and animals. An example of a biomimicry device is night vision based off an owl because they can see in the darkest night.

Here is a picture on how we think our product will look like. As you can see the turtle shell pattern is on the front and the back of the shirt piece. The pattern is mainly for style. On the pants in a rocky pattern again, on both sides. As you can also see in the picture the inside of the shirt/pants have very soft cloth and is flexible so you can still move your arms/legs. We picture the product to be white so it will attract the least heat.

We are pricing this product at $20 for the shirt and $20 for the pants. We will offer a discount if you are buying them together. If you're buying the bundle it will cost a total of $30. You can also get our warranty for an additional $5.

Sources: http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=17+1797&aid=2700

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