March on Selma a fight for what's right

Background: what lead to the cause of the March of selma?

This is a glimpse of what life was for African Americans struggling through racism and discrimination. This was a great historic event known as the "March on Selma" that took place in Selma, Alabama during the spring of '65. The purpose of this event taking place was to protest against Alabama's ban on protesting when it was a violation of the First Amendment which granted freedom of speech and to fight for the voting rights of African Americans who had to go through so much to make themselves heard.

Who was Involved in this incident?

At the beginning it was African Americans who participated in these events of peaceful protest but as soon as the rest of the nation saw how unjustly and brutally they were treated (Bloody Sunday), people of many different backgrounds joined this movement. The primary leader of this movement was Dr. King who was actually arrested for his actions one or two times but lead thousands of people from Selma to Montgomery in the course of five days with the goal of change in the end. The SNCC and the SCLC were also involved with this but the overall message was to fight for the cause peacefully.

Obstacles in the way

Obstacles that many protestors had to face along the way was that people were going to discriminate and hate for no legitimate reason. That people would try to put a stop to the change they weren't familiar with and would go to any extent to stop African Americans from being heard by voting. Even if it was peaceful, those people who didn't like it who were often white community members with strong racist views chose to act out violently on innocent people. The most interesting part of this is that these protestors were ready to withstand the hatred that came along with this event. The stood tall and with pride when it came to confronting hate face to face but knew when to fight back or run away if the time came or situation came to that.

lasting impact

The lasting impact of the March of Selma was actually pretty great. Drawing attention to such a grave issue caused many people around the nation and possibly the world to question if the government was going to actually allow such blasphemy. Thankfully, because of the pressure that the people had to put to the government's throat, the Voting Rights Act was passed shortly after. Like the Civil Rights Act, it boosted the recognition and inclusion all around for a once inferior race who could finally use their voices to speak up.

A modern inequality

A real time issue that we can compare to the March on Selma event is when there were somewhat peaceful protests at airports when the "timmigration ban" was temporarily put into place. This had an affect on people that came from certain places and had a determined stereotype that all people who came from this certain place came to cause harm to others or us. Although this was for the safety of this country, being judgemental and inhuman by turning away those who actually might need help lead to a lot of uprise on the question, is the immigration ban a good or bad decision? Depending on the person who ask, the answer may vary but still. There is many change to come and to look forward for those who face discrimination that has still carried on since the Civil Rights era and those who are looking for a place to refuge in.

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