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As a child I remember my father and grandfather as eager amateur photographers. From time to time I was allowed to sit and observe when the two generations before me developed film and photography in the darkroom.

Photography is in my heart, but it was not until some years back the passion unfolded for real.

As a young professional windsurfer not many stood on the beach taking pictures – we would rather be out in the waves. These days I’m far too old to get wet, but the lifestyle stayed part of me.

The fascination and combination between photography, the sea and the fearless surfers have created a project close to my heart.

It’s an art to capture a brief moment. This portfolio embrace moments caught by me. Moments which in it’s own profound way can present a story about extreme sport, dedication and the forces of nature.

Let's go surfing

Windsurfing with the pro's

BRA-105 Marcilio Browne

Marcillio - BRA105 - GOYA Windsurfing
#coldhawaii #PWAworldtour

Freestyle - All or Nothing

#Amado Vrieswijk

World number 1 Windsurfing

Philip Koester, Germany

Phillip Koester, Germany - Starboard, Severine Sails, Red Bull

Victor Fernandez pwaworldtour

Victor Fernandez, Spain - Fanatic, NorthSails

G-95 Alessio Stillrich

#Alessio Stillrich
Alessio Stillrich, Germany - Fanatic


#marc pare
#marc pare
#Klaas Voget
#Klaas Voget
#Ricardo Campello
Ben Profett
#Tomas Traversa


sponsorship activation

Phillip Falck sponsored by Cabrinha
Oliver Lubbert sponsored by Cabrinha

It can be a challenge to activate sponsorships on a daily bases - and yet again so many digital platforms in need of a daily feed - I want to help making this possible.

My focus is on Windsurfing, SUP, Kitesurfing, Surfing, Wakeboard - and to some extent skateboarding and kickscooter.

I hope this portfolio showed the skills needed to capture extreme moments and the rad person behind. and on instagram daily

a few results so far:

Official photographer - Waterz/PWAworldtour, Cabrinha Nordic and North Nordic

Marcillio Browne picture shoot out with John Carter (official pwaworldtour photographer) - 1st place

74.000 and 9800 Likes on Tunepics for two different snaps

contact information

Brian Engblad - +45 28970804 -

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Brian Engblad

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