Revolutions in technology By: jessica blomgren

The Industrial Revolution

Some causes from The Industrial Revolution

The population grew immensely, numerous people got healthier because of progression in medicine, also healthier new borns. For the most part the number of deaths just went down
There was a high demand for goods and products, because of the growth in population. Products became a lot more affordable and factories started to pop up all around.

Britian was extremely wealthy because of exploration and trade. They had a lot of money to invest in technology and etc.

Farm technology

Dikes; pushing back the sea so that there would be more space to plant crops.

Seed drills; would poke holes in the soil and lay out the seeds without scattering them everywhere.

Water frame and the spinning Jenny; made it easier to spin textile and give energy to machines.


They had invented the steam engine which powered both trains and boats. Iron made it a whole lot easier for steam engines also a lot cheaper. There were man made canals to get around easier too.

Positive impacts

All the new technical advancements, everything was cheaper so people could afford food and move to the city also with all the new traveling advancements it made it easier to transfer products from place to place.

Negative impacts

Families were forced to move out of their homes on the farm and move into the city where it was polluted. Children had to work in factories, coal would fill their lungs and the pay was not enough for all the labor.

The Present: The Digital Revolution

Causes from 1970 all the way to now

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