Shakira Akaya Diem

Shakira is a famous singer who was born in Colombia, a country in Latin America. She was important in Latin American history because how she devoted herself to social causes. She became a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, traveling around the world to raise awareness of the struggles of children in less-developed countries. She also created the Pies Desccalozos Foundation which helps children displaced by violence in Colombia.

Out of the 8 Themes in World History, Shakira matches the most with Cultural Interaction. When she had started her career as a singer, her music was completely in Spanish. That is until she decided that turning to American music would boost her fame, which it did.

A quote that was said by Shakira is, "In this life, to earn your place, you have to fight for it." This connects to her because she had to fight her way to the top of the charts even when people would hate on her, she has good perseverance.

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