West Leigh Weekly News Week ending 17th September 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to this week's newsletter. Once again there has been a great deal going on in school but it has been particularly delightful to see our clubs and societies starting to get going once again. There are an increasing number of clubs and opportunities for the children beyond the curriculum taking place before school, at lunchtimes and after school. Here is the link to what we have on offer so far. https://www.westleighjunior.co.uk/clubs

Please note that from Monday, the entrance into the school on London Road for junior children will be locked at 8.45am. If your child arrives after that time they will have to use either the entrance on Westleigh Avenue or the one on Ronald Hill Grove.

We were really thrilled by the fantastic feedback we received from the parent community during the period of lockdown and remote learning earlier this year. It is always heartening to have positive responses to what we are doing in school and for the children. Could we please ask you to take a few minutes to complete the Ofsted Parent View questionnaire giving your thoughts and feelings about the school. Here's the link https://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk. Thank you so much in advance.

We are very much looking forward to seeing many of you at our year group curriculum meetings next week. This will be a great opportunity for you to find out about the provision for learning for your children and, of course, to meet their teachers face to face. We do hope that you can attend. The dates and timings of all the meetings are set out in the diary section of this newsletter.

We wish you a very enjoyable weekend whatever you do. See you next week.

Mr Lear and Mrs Woolf

Year 3

Year 3 are really beginning to settle down well into the routines of the juniors and are finding their feet both socially and academically. Using the i-pads during our Connected Curriculum lessons was met with enthusiasm and enabled them to developed their knowledge of different climates, and what clothing is suitable for each, labelling these electronically onto a map they had photographed. In English, our focus has continued with non-fiction texts. The children have been gathering, recording and sorting factual statements then categorising these under headings so that going forwards, they will begin to write clear, organised and well-structured paragraphs. Categorisation has also been practised in science, where the children had to decide how to group animals depending of their diet. In maths lessons, we have introduced the children to our TT Rockstars app which will enable them to build fluency in their times table knowledge and working with number lines recognising where different numbers appear and improving the accuracy of their placement.

Year 4

The children in Year 4 have continued developing their understanding of place value in maths with a particular focus on rounding. The staff are expecting the children to practise Times Tables Rock stars in the garage in preparation for a Battle of the Bands, which is due to start very soon! In English, Year 4 have continued progressing through the 'Time Travelling Cat' and made excellent learning links between Connected Curriculum and the content of the book. The children have also been developing their story writing by refining their description to focus on showing the reader how characters are feeling. In Science, there was a great deal of excitement (and noise) along the corridor as guitars, drums, tuning forks and iPads were used during an investigation into how sound is made. Finally, Connected Curriculum provided the children with an opportunity to learn more about the different types of evidence that historians can encounter. Year 4 were also introduced to Howard Carter and began to learn about his involvement in the discovery of the great pharaoh, Tutankhamun.

Year 5

It has been another brilliant week in Year 5. The children are continuing to impress us with their enthusiasm and energy for learning as we get to know them more. In English, this week we have continued to develop our recounting skills when writing diary entries and letters from a character’s perspective. Each pupil has written from the perspective of Lalchand, a firework maker, whose daughter has left home on a quest to discover the secrets of firework making. This has provided us with an opportunity to consolidate the children's understanding of tenses and chronology as Lalchand recounts the key events of his daughter’s life. Our maths lessons have focused on formal and mental methods of addition and subtraction, and in science we carried out an investigation into friction, dragging shoes across various surfaces and recording our findings using a Newton Metre. In our Connected Curriculum lessons, we have been questioning how rich, reliable and relevant various historical sources are.

Year 6

One of the highlights of this week has been seeing how children have been driven to refine their drawing skills in Connected Curriculum through the use of linear perspective; some children even practised this skill at home and also at lunchtimes. In English, those children who are preparing for selection have been refining their writing style, focusing primarily on development of engaging opening and closing lines in order to ensure maximum impact on the reader. For those children who are not intending to complete this selection tests, there has been a focus on development of writing techniques that will be able to be applied in next week’s learning. It was also wonderful to see all the year five and six pupils together in the upper school hall for a collective assembly and they certainly seemed excited to have a secret mission. We would like to wish all the children taking selection tests the very best and would encourage them to relax and enjoy themselves once they have been completed, knowing that they gave it their all!

Dinner Menu

Week one

Monday - Cheese and vegetable pizza - Jacket potato with baked beans - Cold tuna and sweetcorn pasta salad with garlic bap - Herby potato cubes and salad bar - Fresh fruit, yoghurt or fruit flapjack.

Tuesday - Pork sausage and tomato pasta bake - Vegetable frittata with garlic bread - Baguette with egg mayonnaise - Vegetable selection and salad bar - Fresh fruit, yoghurt or chocolate chip cookie.

Wednesday - Traditional roast chicken with stuffing - Quorn in vegetable gravy - Baguette with cheese - Roast potatoes, vegetable selection and salad bar - Fresh fruit, yoghurt or fruit flapjack.

Thursday - Homemade beef cottage pie - Homemade vegetable and lentil korma curry - Baguette with chicken mayonnaise - Vegetable selection and salad bar - Fresh fruit, yoghurt or cherry sponge.

Friday - 100% fish fingers - Jacket potato with cheese - Baguette with salmon and sweetcorn - Smiley faces, baked beans and salad bar - Fresh fruit, yoghurt or fruity jelly.

Diary Dates

New dates in italics


  • Monday 20th - Yr 6 curriculum meetings 9.15 6W/6P 11.00 6A/6F
  • Tuesday 21st - Yr 5 curriculum meetings 9.15 5S/5M 11.00 5J/5K
  • Yr 3 'Nite Owls' visit
  • PM 6W & 6P Old Leigh visit
  • Wednesday 22nd - Yr 3 curriculum meetings 9.15 3N/3T 11.00 3G/3E
  • Thursday 23rd - Yr 4 curriculum meetings 9.15 4B/4R 11.00 4D/4L
  • PM 6F & 6A Old Leigh visit
  • Wednesday 29th - 8.00am - Yr 6 Mary Poppins workshop
  • AM 4R Coastal schools
  • 12.30 Cross country at Garons Park
  • Thursday 30th - 3.30pm - Yr 6 Mary Poppins auditions


  • Monday 4th - Friday 8th - Reading Week
  • Wednesday 6th - 8.00am - Yr 5 Mary Poppins workshop
  • AM 4D Coastal schools
  • Thursday 7th - 3.30pm - Yr 5 Mary Poppins auditions
  • Tuesday 12th - Flu immunisations
  • Wednesday 13th - 8.00am - Yr 4 Mary Poppins workshop
  • Thursday 14th - 3.30pm - Yr 4 Mary Poppins auditions
  • PM 4L Coastal schools
  • Friday 15th - 7pm - Yr 5 Disco
  • Monday 18th - Individual photos
  • Tuesday 19th - Sibling photos
  • Wednesday 20th - 8.00am - Yr 3 Mary Poppins workshop
  • AM 4B Coastal schools
  • Thursday 21st - 3.30pm Yr 3 Mary Poppins auditions
  • Monday 25th - Friday 29th - HALF TERM BREAK


  • Monday 1st - INSET DAY
  • Thursday 4th - AM Tag Rugby at SRFC
  • Friday 5th - Yr 6 height & weight check
  • Monday 8th - Learning conferences
  • Tuesday 9th - AM 4L Coastal schools
  • Wednesday 10th - Learning conferences
  • Thursday 11th - AM 4D Coastal schools
  • Thursday 18th - AM Yr 3/4 Dodgeball at Thorpe Hall
  • Friday 19th - Children in Need
  • Yr 5/6 Football at Len Forge
  • Wednesday 24th - AM Yr 5/6 (A) Dodgeball at Garons Park
  • PM Yr 5/6 (B) Dodgeball at Garons Park
  • Thursday 25th - AM 4R Coastal Schools
  • Tuesday 30th - Flu immunisations 'mop up'


  • Tuesday 7th - Christmas celebration
  • Wednesday 8th - AM 4B Coastal schools
  • Friday 17th - Wednesday 4th January - CHRISTMAS BREAK

Message from FOWLS - Friends of West Leigh Schools



  • 3E - Miss Bowes
  • 3N - Mrs Bemister
  • 4B - Mr Boylan


  • 3T - Mrs Thompson/Mrs Halls
  • 5S - Mr Buchan
  • 5J - Mrs Wilson


  • 3G - Mrs Garrett/Mrs Aggus
  • 4L - Mr Loveridge
  • 4R - Mr Markham


  • 5K - Miss Chapman
  • 5M - Mrs Millham


  • 6W - Mr Dunn
  • 6F - Miss Fletcher
  • 4D - Mr Dammery
  • 6P - Miss Poysden
  • 6A - Mrs Nash/Mrs Carr


There were three classes with a full 100% attendance this week. Congratulations to 3N, 4D and 5S! None of those classes had quite got their celebratory dances ready for us to watch but we were treated to 3T's interpretation of "The Greatest Showman" which they performed to celebrate achieving 100% attendance last week. It was fabulous!


Citizen of the Week

The recipient of Stanley Bear this week was Jude Langley (6A). Jude was exceptionally thoughtful, kind and considerate as he recently spent some time looking after a friend who was really feeling 'down' and rather sad. Jude did a great job in cheering him up. Well done, Jude!

The first Team Points announcement of this academic year!
A Centicore

1st Centicore - 48 points

2nd Phoenix - 40 points

3rd Pegasus - 31 points

4th Wyvern - 29 points

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