The Human Population

Population has been increasing over the years either benefiting countries or causing overcrowding and chaos.

In the picture below you can see how developing countries have high birth mortality because the don't have birth control, leading many adults and children homeless and having a risk to die.

Developing countries have bad conditions, live in poor sanitation places which they are likely to catch diseases and have a lower life expectancy. In the picture below you can see how the people are living in tents. There is trash everywhere and there is overcrowding as well.

In undeveloped countries, many kids have lack of education and a low literacy rate. Unemployment, illness, and the illiteracy of parents can cause children not to attend school. Many developing countries don't have school because of poverty. Unlike developed countries there is a higher rate of children attending school.

Developed countries have access to technology and have resources and have a lower rate mortality. Developed countries have better sanitation and live in better conditions. There growth population is not as high as undeveloping conditions.

The growth population has been increasing over the years causing overcrowding, high birth rates, low infant mortality and will also cause lack of resources.

This graph shows how undeveloped countries like India and some others have a overpopulation situation which other countries don't have and other countries have the necessary resources for adaptation and survivor ship.


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