SLEEPING STUDY More sleep = better ENERGY?

Ten day Sleeping study

Can I stick to this sleeping schedule and will following this sleeping schedule provide me with more energy throughout the day?


BED TIME: 11:00 PM


Sleep Study Chart

I found that it was very difficult to stick to an exact sleeping schedule and I only had more energy for each day when I was allowed to sleep later into the morning.


Day 1- 5 hours and 45 minutes

Day 2- 8 hours and 45 minutes

Day 3- 8 hours and 45 minutes

Day 4- 6 hours and 40 minutes

Day 5- 8 hours and 50 minutes

Day 6- 6 hours and 30 minutes

Day 7- 8 hours and 20 minutes

Day 8- 6 hours and 15 minutes

Day 9- 9 hours and 30 minutes

Day 10- 9 hours and 15 minutes


My theory for conducting this study was that if I could stick to a consistent sleeping schedule my body would acclimate and I would have better amounts of energy for each day. For most of the ten days I did not stick to the exact sleeping schedule, but I was relatively close to the planned schedule. I followed my planned sleeping schedule close enough to where it did not alter the results of my study. I believe that my body would get acclimated with this particular sleeping schedule and the consistency of my sleep would provide me with more energy throughout the day. The only days where I felt like I had more energy were on weekend days where I was able to sleep in and catch another hour or two of sleep. In conclusion, I will have to conduct a sleeping schedule that will allow me to get more time asleep each night.

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