Josie's Goal Project english 2 period 6

Semester Goal

By the end of the semester, I will be able to finish work on my own and pay attention and with that get better grades. By studying and taking time to do such things as homework and listen, I will accomplish these goals.

English Goal

I would love to read more interesting books in English as well as get better grades than first semester English. How I will do this is find time for reading and try to get things done faster but still be alright and practice writing.

High school goal

My High School goal is it pass with average or better grades. How i will accomplish this is by studying and paying attention as well as finish homework on time.

After High School Goal

After high school I wish to have a sustainable job with a good home and maybe go to collage. By passing my high school goals I will be able to pass these.

Personal Growth Goal

A personal growth goal that I want to accomplish is to be more confident speaking and over all just being more comfortable around new people. I will do this by thinking and acting more positive and killing negative thoughts as well as dressing nicer.


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