Kevlar by anthony


Kevlar comes from a para aramid synthetic fiber.

what is its original form? describe the chemical and physical properties of you material.

molecular structure of kevlar: bold represents a monomer unit,dashed lines indicate hydrogen bonds. when kevlar is spun resulting fiber has a density of 1.44 the polymer owes its high strength to many inter change.

How dose it affect the environment?

Kevlar environmental impact is similar to plastic as it can be reused, but takes many years to decompose.

what is it used for? Why was it made?

Kevlar is used to make bulletproof vests and tires such as bikes and cars and fireproof cloths.

car tyres
firefighter suit

How has it impacted society?

Kevlar impacted society by keeping police and firefighters more safer. Similar to Why was it made and Why was it used for.

bullet proof

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