POACHING is when an animal is killed illegally or shot when usually occurs when an animal possesses something that is considered valuable

poaching is when animals are be illegally killed. Many countries believe rhinos horn is-important ingredient for many medicines. This is false. Rhino horn has no medicinal effect

the biggest tusks of the elephant are poached – putting elephant in great risk of endanger.

2010 United Nations report that gorillas could disappear from large parts of the Congo Basin by the 2020s.

What poaching does to animals

Fewer than 900 African mountain gorillas are still alive, due to poaching happening

During 2014, 1,215 rhinos were killed by poachers in South Africa. That is one rhino killed every 8 hours of the day

Legal hunters kill tens of millions of animals per year. For each of those animals, another animal is illegally killed

If you stop poaching you can save many animals lives and not go to jail

Poaching also happen in the sea

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