Mohandas Gandhi By: Sophia spallina

I am Mohandas Gandhi I was the nonviolent leader of the India's independence movement. India was the first major country to achieve independence after World War ll. I also encouraged Indians to boycott British goods ( take the profit out of imperialism), commit acts of civil disobedience (breaking unjust laws), and to make their own clothing (homespun goods).

I Gandhi was responsible for criticized the untouchables.

As I said before I am nonviolence nationalist leader of India, led a Salt March to protest the British salt tax. I believed that the salt tax was unjust and as such, all just people had a responsibility to break the law and make their own salt.

The Salt March is going to be the beginning of the end for the British imperialist. Indians demonstrated to the world the unjust nature of British imperialism in India.

My followers called him "Mahatma, " which in Sanskrit means "great soul." Also even though i was in prison it did not step me from helping my people to achieve having non-violence.


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