The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Lyndsay Powers

*The above image was taken by me outside of the entrance to the Constans Theatre in the Reitz Union.

A picture of the walkway leading up to a side entrance of the Constans Theatre.

I was felt anticipation and mild excitement when I entered the theatre. I was excited to see the play and immerse myself in a theatrical experience, as I participated in theatre in high school and enjoyed watching different productions. My friend and I got to the Constans around 7:00, and as a result, had excellent seats. My seating location definitely helped me enjoy the experience more, as I could hear the actors clearly and read their facial expressions easily. When the house lights dimmed, I was excited for the show to begin. I don't think the size of the auditorium affected my experience much; although larger auditoriums accommodate more people and generally bigger audiences, I don't really pay attention to those around me. I only focus on the production being performed. I think that place can either prevent people from reaching the good life or help them achieve it. For instance, I would prefer to live in a medium or large city in the future, rather than a small, rural community. Living where I want to live would make me happy, and thus, help me reach my definition of the good life.

My friend, Maja, and I in the lobby of the Constans Theatre.

I attended the performance with my roommate/friend, Maja. In order to get ready, we changed into jeans and blouses and agreed to be at the room and leave by 6:45. Attending the performance with Maja made it more enjoyable, as we were able to socialize and converse on the way to the performance and during intermission. We also talked about the play afterwards, and I was glad that I could get another person's perspective and opinion. I think that shared experiences are important to have in the good life. Having friends and family prevents loneliness and can ultimately provide a sense of comfort and security.

A program from the production of The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt.

This performance helped me understand our culture in a variety of ways. For instance, the portrayal of the media made me realize how biased and subjective people can be and emphasized that the press isn't always justified or accurate in what they report. The play also made me realize that people aren't always who they seem to be. For example, although Michaud appeared to be an ignorant, spoiled fanatic, he ended up doing what he thought was morally right in the end by giving the police a letter of confession from Talbot. I think that this performance was comprised of several issues that highlighted the flaws in each character. To elaborate, Michaud, though educated, was completely unaware of the realities of the world surrounding him; Talbot was willing to go to extreme lengths in order to feed his ambition and secure his future; Mrs. Talbot--struck with grief--threatened to disown her own son, and so on. I knew very little before I attended the performance; I had simply read the short synopsis provided online prior to seeing the play. Honestly, the performance did not change my views much about the issues that arose; I still think the same about them and would react the same to them now as I would have before. One theme of the play that is semi-relevant to my life is the portrayal of the media, especially with the current political debates prevalent in today's society.

Me standing outside of a side entrance to the Constans Theatre.

I think that the performance gave the audience an opportunity for katharsis by presenting issues that, for the most part, exist quietly in today's society. For example, corruption--whether it be of the people, the church, or the government--was prevalent in the play, and is a relevant issue in the modern world. Seeing corruption and similar issues displayed in the play can allow viewers to reflect on the issues affecting their lives and the negative qualities that exist inside themselves. Ultimately, watching The Divine can lead to self confrontation and even introspection.

Written permission for me to use Maja's image in my Spark Story.

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