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Caution! Winter Cleaning Ahead

By Gabrielle Mellendorf

We are only a few weeks into winter, and already we have seen single digit temperatures, snow and ice. These conditions are not only rough on us as drivers, but also on our vehicles. It is best to winterize your vehicle prior to winter. But if you weren’t able to, here are three ways that you can protect your vehicle starting today, and keep it clean from the salt, grit and grime.

1. Wax

No matter what the weather condition, waxing provides your paint with another layer of protection. There are a number of wax products out there. Legacy Auto Parts currently carries Mothers and Meguiar’s line of wax products. Don’t feel like taking all the time and effort to wax your vehicle? I totally understand that. The professionals at Legacy Detail & Tint can do it for you.

2. Replace carpet with rubber

This is an easy step to take. By temporarily replacing your carpet floor mats with rubber mats, you can prevent a number of things. Not only does road salt cause stains, but it also soaks through and could rust and corrode the floor of the car. If anything, at least replace the driver’s side floor mat.

3. Give it a wash

According to Legacy Detail & Tint’s manager, Arville Perry, it is a good idea to wash your vehicle every time you drive on treated roads. Whether washing your vehicle at home, a car wash or having it done professionally, be sure the entire vehicle gets washed. The undercarriage is an especially important, since it gets plastered with salt and grime.

Salt and sand are applied to the snowy roads for our safety. The importance of road safety outweighs the grit and grime our vehicles have to deal with. Remember that by following a routine maintenance plan and prevention, the damaging effects of winter can be avoided or minimized.

Safe and happy travels!

Friendly Faces

By Gabrielle Mellendorf

Hello, Legacy friends. I'm Gabrielle Mellendorf, a new member of the Legacy team. As the assistant communications director, I have been working for the past six months to promote and market the Legacy brand as well as each Legacy dealership.

My office is right next to what used to be Legacy Auto Store, so I was able to get to know the friendly staff exceptionally well. The exciting change from Auto Store to an auto parts retail store may seem a little scary for our Auto Store customers. I want to assure you that the friendly faces of Steven Mills, Ryan Parman, Chris Jones, Kevin Caudill and Joe Cain are still with us. You can find them at Legacy Chevrolet in Corbin.

Safe and happy travels!

Legacy is expanding

By Ed Hyde, dealer principal

Hey, guys. We have some big news, and it’s not that we’ve started a new blog (even though we have. Welcome!). It’s that Legacy Auto Store has a new identity. It’s now Legacy Auto Parts.

We opened a parts department at the Auto Store several month ago, serving primarily local garages and technicians. Under the management of Jason Williams, the demand for our parts—especially the Federated brand—started to grow at a rate we didn’t anticipate. It wasn’t long before non-professionals were shopping with us rather than well-known chains like AutoZone. We began to outgrow our inventory space and soon realized we had one of those problems that are nice to have.

Rather than capping our customer volume, we decided to expand. This hasn’t changed anything, as far as our used vehicle inventory goes. Those vehicles have been moved to our other locations in Corbin and London. Our sales staff have moved to our other dealerships, as well, which allows them opportunities to sell both new and used cars.

The remodeling has begun at Legacy Auto Parts. We’ll share photos as things progress. Thanks for sharing the journey!

A Message from Edward

Hello, friends,

I'm Edward Hyde, dealer principal of Legacy Automotive Network in London and Corbin, Ky. Welcome to our blog. Here, we'll inform you about important vehicle-related news and tips, while introducing you to our employees and various projects, like our new auto parts retail store. As always, we'll be transparent and deliver nothing but straight-talk. We hope you'll find it useful.

I'd love to hear from you. If you have questions, feedback or suggestions, follow me on Facebook so we can talk. Thanks for reading.

Legacy Auto Parts is expanding

Our current parts store will continue to be open during the remodel. Look for Jason Williams, manager, for sales and assistance. We thank you for your continued support and patience.

Legacy Auto Store sales staff, as well as inventory, can be found at our other Corbin and London locations.

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