Blue Flyer #49 August 26, 2018

What a great first game!

What an AMAZING performance! Your sounded amazing and your marching was the best yet! We are definitely in for a great season! Remember to always check the website and Charms. Other forms of communication will happen to help remind you of upcoming events. The Charms Calendar is a great start! We also have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Remind!

What to expect this year!

The theme for this year is "Raise the Bar". So what does this mean. In order to keep this program pushing forward, we must expect more and achieve more. To do this we need to increase our expectations in musicianship, discipline, equipment, pride and more.

When we increase our musicianship, we are adding SmartMusic to increase our productivity for our practice and concert preparation time. With a clear goal of what you want to improve in your practice time will significantly change how you are as a musician. Also, using a tuner on a daily basis will assist in you recognizing your in-tune, out of tune habits. By recognizing this, you will improve dramatically!

When we say improve discipline, it does not mean to punish more. In fact, it is quite the opposite. You have shown TRUE discipline by lining up in parade block out front and being at parade rest before a Director had to say anything. Imagine if that focus and determination was present during our rehearsal time. Along with improving our discipline, we need to be prepared for rehearsal. All student MUST arrive on time (if you walk in when we are warming up, you are tardy and will be marked as such). Every student must have their own binder, music, flipfolio, pencil and hi-lighter at EVERY rehearsal.

Equipment can be a fun discussion. There are typically 3 levels of instruments. There is the beginner (which all of you got in beginning band), there are intermediate (a lot of our older school owned instruments are this level), and there are professional models (all of the Directors owns a professional model, ask them about it.). Along with beginning instruments comes beginning mouthpieces. It is highly encouraged to upgrade instruments and mouthpieces. However, if you can only do 1 it is extremely encouraged to get an upgraded mouthpiece. It is so important to replace your mouthpiece because they are made for beginning band size people...imagine you wearing a t-shirt form a 3 year old. Mouthpieces are the same. Check the Blue Book to see suggested instrument and mouthpiece upgrades. If you upgrade your mouthpieces, you will notice it will be easier to play and you will sound even better!

It is extremely encourage for students to take pride in what they do. If it is music, sports, or anything else take pride in what you do. What does this mean, do the best you can at it and have fun. Students who come unprepared for Band and do not have a properly working instrument will become frustrated and then not have fun. Taking pride in what you do means you want to improve and you want to be your best.


So what is more. Well, we have a lot of opportunities for a lot of amazing things this year. It only depends on the students. If you do what is asked, come prepared, do your best, and show pride we can have a truly epic year. Students have shown this already with the sound and marching talents of all students who attended band camp. Your Directors are very excited for what can happen. Let's make it happen!

What's coming up!

  • 8.28- Evening Rehearsal (6-8:30pm)
  • 8.29- First Day of School!
  • 8.31- Our First Away Game!!! (See the Charms calendar for details)
  • 9.3- No School!
  • 9.4- Gold Card Sale Begins! Evening Rehearsal (6-8:30pm)
  • 9.6- 6:15 Parade of Bands Meeting; 7:00pm Band Booster Meeting
  • 9.7- Game @ North Olmsted (See the Charms calendar for details)
  • 9.8- Blitz Day!

We need volunteers! Click HERE to sign up to volunteer for our different Friday night opportunities!

HERE is what you need for Game Day! Make sure and have everything ready Thursday Night!!!

Remember that Evening Rehearsals are on Tuesday’s from 6-8:30. All parent are welcome to watch the last 30 minutes of rehearsal in the stadium! Come see how hard we work during rehearsal time!

Online emergencymedical forms

As you know, there is a big push for doing your emergency medical forms online. For those who have turned in paper copies, please know that the schools want ALL emergency forms done online. Please got to the One View Portal, create a parent account and fill all 3 forms out.

Know the Schedule!

Always know what's going on by looking at the Charms Calendar!

We need volunteers!

Hey Parents! In order for the program to be successful, we need your help! We need parental volunteers for most of our upcoming events! Click on a date to help!

8.31 @ North Ridgeville

9.8 Blitz Day

Midview Parade of Bands basKet raffle

We need donations for our basket raffles! Email Mr. B if you are willing to donate!

our first fundraiser!!

That's right! Our yearly Gold Card sale is beginning September 4 and runs through the 7th. On the Saturday September 8th we have Blitz Day where we go out into the Midview District and sell as many cards as possible! And we need volunteers! We need everyone to sell at least 10 cards..AND there will be cash prizes!

Band Handbook

The "Blue Book" has everything else that is needed to know about the program. Grading, Game Day prep and more are here!


Remember that attendance is required for everything on the calendar (just look for the red "R". Being absent for any amount of time could result in not performing on the field due to lack of knowledge and confidence in the drill and music.

Preparing for the next game

If you haven't realized, students MUST practice at home to memorize their music. With the 3rd quarter checks and our memorized on-field performances, students need to make time during the day to practice. It is their homework!

Away Game Policy

Make sure to click HERE to remember what we do for Home Games!

3rd quarter due dates

Remember to earn your 3rd quarter you must perform your part from memory in front of a Director. Here are some upcoming due dates

  • Game 2: Arabian Nights
  • Game 3: Star Spangled Banner & Moana
  • Game 4: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Game 5: Dude Looks Like a Lady
  • Game 6: Dream on
  • Game 7: Walk this Way
  • and more to come

Why are we do earn our 3rd quarter?

We have over 100 people in band. We need to make sure every member knows their part and is equally contributing to this band. Sometimes students fake play and are not participating in the overall sound of the ensemble. This is completely unacceptable. Student are required to perform each piece in front of a Director from memory. By ensuring that every student is properly contributing, our ensemble will only sound better than before. This is what we want. We must raise the expectations.

Check out our AMAZING website!

Our website has gone through some MAJOR upgrades! Check it often!

Concert Date Change!

We will no longer have a concert in March this year. Because, we are performing at Cleveland State University with the CSU Concert Bands! The performance will be February 21 in Waetjen Auditorium!

Meet a professional Musician!

Amy Porter is a Professor of Flute at the University of Michigan. HERE is her bio.

Meet your Student Teacher

Mr. Thomas Cognetti comes to us from a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. He is a Music Education Major at Baldwin Wallace University and is an avid saxophonist. In his free time he enjoys cooking, taking care of his indoor garden, and playing various word and puzzle games.

We wish Mr. Cognetti the best of luck this semester!

Band Boosters!!!!!!!!!

Parents! Also don't forget that we have a monthly Booster meeting! It's on the First Thursday of every month! Check the CHARMS CALENDAR for details! We would love for you to join us!


Get REMINDer texts so you don't forget!



Your 2018 Midview Marching Blue.....LOUD and PROUD

Have a question? Email Mr. B jbrunger@midviewk12.org

upcoming images thanks to Jeff Barnes Photography!

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