Owning a Monkey By ty neighbors

Owning a monkey is probably the best thing you can do! They can do many things for you like hand you the remote, open the fridge, and even turn on the TV! Plus they are pretty cool just to hang out with!

Cost and Requirements

Owning a monkey is cool and all but it costs a lot to own one. To own one you must have 4 to 8 thousand dollars! You must also have a monkey license.

Different Types of Monkeys

There are different types of monkeys that you can by and bring in to the US. They include Capuchin, Guenons, Macaques, Marmosets, Squirrel monkeys, Spider Monkeys, and Tamarins

Food Costs

The cost for food per year is included in the total 4 to 8 thousand dollars. Monkeys eat bananas, baby formula, baby rice, ground monkey biscuits, chopped fruit and vegetables.

Created By
Ty Neighbors


Created with images by Sevda - "mother baby nature" • adam.haworth - "Monkey" • Mary P Madigan - "capuchin jumping on the boat" • lightmatter - "Guenon" • KatexF - "DSCF4792" • Amigos3D - "monkey animal wild" • skeeze - "squirrel monkey tree looking" • Mariamichelle - "spider monkey playing cute" • Just chaos - "Cottontop Tamarin"

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