Tattoos on the Heart Project By john dean

Chapter 1 reflection

I enjoyed chapter 1 of Tatoos on the Heart because I found many interesting stories , but Illike one in particular. I liked the story that father G tells about when he gets stuck on top of the mountain. He is very frustrated and lost but runs into the old frail man. The man looks at him and says, "tatami, gracias pro hater venison." Which means thanks for coming

Chapter 4 Reflection

I enjoyed chapter 4 of tattoos on the Heart. I loved the way father g described how he would occasionally baptize some of the gangsters. The one I particularly enjoyed was when he baptized George. George is the brother of Cisco but he did not know know that Cisco had been shot. Father g baptized George and then breaks the news to him afterwards.

Chapter 6 Reflection

My thoughts on chapter 6 are very enjoyable. I liked it because the homies are slowly becoming nicer and better people. They tell G that they love him and he realizes that they care about him. I also thought it was cool that G stands up for them and protects them. I also love how father G always spends time to help them and show them that they are loved and that there is someone out there who cares for them and is willing to help them.

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