Tattoos on the Heart Project By john dean

Preface and Intro. This little slideshow I made will show my opinion on all of the chapters in the book “Tattoos on the heart”.

I enjoyed chapter 1 of Tatoos on the Heart because I found many interesting stories , but Illike one in particular. I liked the story that father G tells about when he gets stuck on top of the mountain. He is very frustrated and lost but runs into the old frail man. The man looks at him and says, "tatami, gracias pro hater venison." Which means thanks for coming

I enjoyed Chapter 2 because it shows just how caring Father G really is. The title of the chapter is called “dis-grace” and it’s called that because a women named Carmen goes in to see Father G to get off drugs. Everyone knows who she is and she has never been able to stop using heroin so she went to go see Father G.

Chapter 3 was by far my favorite chapter, it talks about how Boyle teaches a course on “Theological Issues in American Short Fiction” in the Folsom Prison. At one point, he asks his students to define the word “compassion.” To his surprise, nobody speaks up. But then, someone says, “Compassion … is … God.” I really loved this chapter because it shows that some people are interested in compassion even when they are in prison.

I enjoyed chapter 4 of tattoos on the Heart. I loved the way father g described how he would occasionally baptize some of the gangsters. The one I particularly enjoyed was when he baptized George. George is the brother of Cisco but he did not know know that Cisco had been shot. Father g baptized George and then breaks the news to him afterwards.

Chapter 5 was an amazing chapter. Omar is a former gang member who asks Boyle how many people he has buried altogether “because of gangbanging.” At this point in Boyle’s career the answer is 75. Omar is shocked. He whispers, “When’s it gonna end?” Boyle replies, “It will end the minute … you decide.” I thought this was extremely inter sting because Boyle is basically saying that it’s up to the homies to end all of this violence.

My thoughts on chapter 6 are very enjoyable. I liked it because the homies are slowly becoming nicer and better people. They tell G that they love him and he realizes that they care about him. I also thought it was cool that G stands up for them and protects them. I also love how father G always spends time to help them and show them that they are loved and that there is someone out there who cares for them and is willing to help them.

Chapter 7, I was very interested in the story of Spider, a 19yr old ex-gang member who works for Homeboy Industries. Spider has to take care of his wife and two children, and he always makes sure they have enough food. For Boyle Spiders selfless delight in taking care of his family is like God’s “unalloyed joy” in tending to mankind. I love how Boyle recognizes what all of his homies are doing and knowing their backgrounds and really showing his appreciation.

Chapter 8, Boyle has mentioned Scrappy in a previous chapter. Shortly after he began working for Homeboy Industries, he was gunned down. His death horrified his family and friends, of which he had many. Shortly afterwards, another graffiti worker was shot and killed. Another worker told Boyle, “I wish I had a magic wand to pass over your pain.” Boyle wept harder than he’d ever wept in his life. This chapter was very sad but it also sends a message that anything can happen, so to me that means live your life the bets you can!

Chapter 9, Kinship. Fifteen years ago a man named Bandit comes to see Boyle. Bandit is a well known thief in the gang world but he tells Boyle that he is tired of his life. Boyle offers Bandit a job with Homeboy Industries. Fifteen years later, Bandit is running the warehouse and has a wife and three children. This chapter shows that anyone can change in a positive way. Bandit was a criminal but he changes his ways to be come a successful man with an amazing new life.

The final chapter, chapter 10.

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