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The ASU Novus Parking Garage just recently received a TCO for levels 1-3 and will be available to the public on July 1st. The concrete structure for levels 4-7 is now complete and crash walls continue to be poured. MEP installation on levels 4-7 is ongoing and the exterior metal panels have started as well. The crane will be disassembled the first week of July and Suntec is in the process of demobilizing. Masonry will resume on level 6 in the next few weeks as well as what small interior finishes are present.


The North building will begin setting floor trusses on the 4th floor in Phase I next week with all other phases following closely behind, the South building will begin setting walls on the 3rd floor this week. Framing of both buildings should be complete by the end of July. In the coming weeks, we will be installing windows, completing MEP rough-ins and beginning drywall installation. The Amenities Deck has started going vertical as of last week. We’re finalizing our topping slab concrete pours, and will continue structural steel and metal stud framing at the Penthouses and Fitness Center. We begin to install masonry block for the landscape planters and spa structures within the next couple weeks which will then lead into the finishes phase of the project.



Introducing the hardison/downey website! New features include pages for our Civil and Service groups, ways to connect and communicate with our management team, and our new Careers page. It wouldn't be complete without our rich portfolios of our commercial and housing experience.



Nine years a veteran of h/d – what has most excited you about the evolution of the company?

“When I first started at h/d, it seemed we placed an emphasis on hiring industry veterans. In that manner, our new hires often could roll right into being a Project Superintendent or Manager. It's exciting to see this whole new cultural shift in our company that has placed an emphasis on bringing interns and new and young talent. It is awesome because the kids we are bringing on are so extremely smart. Zach (Palmer) and Surya (Srinivasan) are incredible in how they are able to function on a computer. They represent that new wave of up and coming stars in our industry. It seems like our industry is at this really pivotal point now, as we work to develop young talent to operate alongside industry veterans. Watching them interact together is what is truly very exciting. It is amazing to see how hardison/downey has transformed its career development approach.”

What makes you tick – what drive you? Not only in your work, but in life?

When I was growing up and throughout my schooling, I thought I wanted to be a teacher, because my mom was a teacher. Even up to the point that I first enrolled at ASU, I considered it. Although I did not end up pursuing that profession, I view myself as a teacher in my roles as a mother and as a Project Manager. It makes me incredibly happy and propels me forward when I see my children and direct reports grow in life. It has also been amazing to support and see my husband Austin aspire for more at his company. I take pride in seeing how smart my kids have become – Maddie is talking and Hailey is a little baby genius. Those are the things that make me tick. The roles of mom and project manager are very similar. You are behind all of your “kids” and pushing them and guiding them forward. Whether you are telling them, “you can do it…” or “sound out your words, you got this…,” they are all teaching moments that I really enjoy being a part of.”

As both an h/d and industry standout and mother of two young girls, how have you gone about striking a balance between your personal and professional lives?

A LOT of coffee. It is really hard to do because my husband also works in the construction industry and has demanding hours. When you are in the industry your phone is on 24/7/365. Your clients sometimes have emergencies on off hours and they ultimately need you. I was brought up with the understanding that in this industry you cannot just provide your service to clients from the hours of 8-5. You have to service them all the time. I think the best way to strike a balance is to create and have set parameters. It is knowing that you are going to work from about eight to about four and then you will have the time to go home and be with your family. It is important to enjoy that time, but you are always going to be available to your clients. That is how you strike the balance – set parameters to define work and family fun time. Ultimately, you have to be fluid and you have to be available, because that is how the industry operates.”

In retrospect – what past project elicits the fondest memories and is a point of pride for you?

I am proud of all of them and I could go on forever giving snippets of each one of them. One of them that I am really proud of is PXG because I built their first facility when the company was just starting. Since then they have obviously blown up, and it’s been really fun to follow their growth. I enjoy following them on social media and seeing their advertisements on television.

Another project that I am proud of is CSAA because of the technical complexity of it. There were 27 carpet and paint colors and there was a custom ceiling diagram. Everything in the Class A office space was super high-end and the work was technical and intense. I feel like our efforts there really showcased what hardison/downey is capable of doing alongside our fantastic trade partners.

As a Sun Devil alum, I am proud to construct for ASU. Right after I graduated, all I did was go from ASU job to ASU job to ASU job, it was awesome to see the campus from the other perspective. We had a good run there for a while between doing JOC work, PPP’s, and Aramark work. I thought I never left college - it was amazing.

Finally, GoDaddy will always, always be my baby. I love everything about their company and appreciate how they go about servicing their customers. Their vibe and the manner in which they treat their employees is incredible. It has just been really cool to watch them transform over the years and become as technologically advanced as they have. They are ultimately a front-runner in their respective industry and it has been an honor to work with and for them. My fondest project for GoDaddy involved cutting a staircase into the middle of an active call center on their Gilbert campus. I mean what firm is capable of doing that other than h/d?