Ghana Africa By: Emma, Kaprice, and Braiden

What was Ghana like before colonization?: Before colonization Ghana was inhabited by the Akan people in A.D 1200.

Which European nation or country colonized Ghana?: The Portuguese colonized Ghana in 1470.

How did Ghana gain its independence from colonization?: In 1957, leaders from the former British colony of the Gold Coast wanted a name for the independent state. The first black African nation to gain its independence named the new country they had gained Ghana.

Was there a particular person or group that led Ghana's independence movement?: The United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) made the first. movement towards the aim of independence and self-government. Kwame Nkumah demanded independence on August 3, 1956-1957.

Has Ghana experienced and wars or fights due to independence?: They did not go to war of have any fights over independence because they had a peaceful agreement with the British in 1957.

What type of government does Ghana have now/ today?: Ghana has a constitutional democracy.

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