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This is another important article produced by the DT excavator Team of the Whistleblower Movement.

It is clear now that information warfare is one of the unrestricted warfare the CCP used to weaken and destroy the US. CCP’s internet troll army backed up by high tech companies with sophisticated organization and comprehensive structures to spread misinformation and control false narratives with regards to Miles Guo’s Whistleblower Movement, Covid-19 pandemic, Antifa and anarchy movement, and upcoming US election etc. The ideology of using internet troll army to penetrate and infiltrate western social medias has been planted for over past 10 years.

Team DT also provided recommendations on where to start investigations this Shanghai-based anti-Whistleblower Movement Team to stop this information warfare: 1. Investigation on Beyondsoft’s Shanghai/Suzhou/Chengdu/Beijing/Wuhan/Xi’an branch, including their core personnel; 2. Investigation of Zhonghua Microvision Jiangsu Ltd. and Zhonghua Microvision Hong Kong Ltd. and their CEO Song Tijin; 3. Investigation of Mr. Ruigang Li’s investments and his capital flows (http://www.cmcinc.cn/).

This is a war between totalitarianism and democracy; between evilness vs. justice. All free nations have to unite together at this critical movement to fight against this criminal organization and to annihilate the CCP once and for all.

Investigation & Analysis Report of CCP’s Infiltrating Strategies through Overseas Social Media (Twitter)

Since 2000, we have learned from CCP’s think tank that the CCP was even more scared of “Jasmin Revolution” from open and free social medias, like Facebook or Twitter, than nuclear weapons. The CCP began to emphasize public opinion monitoring on social media and its monitor mechanism has evolved from single content key word to big data collection – data mining and the NLP (Natural Language Processing). In the field of Chinese NLP, CCP’s technology has been leading the world, like that in facial recognition (with the supports of national policy, capitals, and key research institutes etc.) Various products based on the NLP have been deployed throughout all-level monitoring systems from large internet companies to all-level administrative institutions and schools, even into Huawei mobile phone which has a light built-in NLP system.

The NLP system is mainly composed of data collection ends and the NLP analysis system. However, under the control of the CCP, China’s internet users can’t access overseas’ social media. In early stage, data collection ends of public opinion supervision system were deployed in Confucius Institutes all over the world.

Pic 1 is from https://sh.bupt.edu.cn/content/content.php?p=5_31_202

At the same time, the CCP utilizes its advantages in human resources to accelerate infiltrating into overseas social medias; to upgrade the overseas propaganda system from 2-dimension printing and television media to “mobile media”, and to promote its propaganda system in social media influence globally.

From 2019 Overseas Chinese Media Influence Report, facing the world of internet, the needs and the characteristics of information for the new immigrants, especially younger generation, overseas Chinese medias continue to infiltrate and organize within overseas social medias, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc. The statistics in the report showed that among 181 Chinese media agencies, 91 (50.3%) have created Facebook accounts and 52 (28.7%) have created Twitter accounts. (https://m.haiwainet.cn/middle/3544314/2019/0709/content_31589269_1.html)

Here are selected accounts showing the impact of Twitter accounts.

CCP overseas propaganda agencies: World Chinese Media http://www.sandiegochinesepress.com/press/?p=1457098
值得指出的400多家海外华文媒体名单.名单总人数427人(限高层,非机构人员总数)A list of more than 400 overseas Chinese language media outlets worth pointing out. Total number of persons on the list 427 (senior level only, total non-institutional staff)

CCP public opinion monitoring on Twitter from domestic: Fig. 2, CCP believes that Twitter is a significant battlefield of overseas social medias that public opinions debate.

From above picture, we can figure out that the terminal is located in Huaian, Jiangsu province. The tittle showed the data source collected from overseas (top red square: overseas data) and the social media type is Twitter (middle long square). There was one person wearing uniform (bottom square) who was talking with other persons. Except collecting key person’s information, they also collected key word related with “Jiangsu” on Twitter. They did sentiment analysis for each tweet using NLP. (the accurate rate is pretty poor based on the results).

What showed above is just the prototype on how the CCP provincial and municipal supervision system of public opinion (provincial levelled science and technology innovation project). However, this is just a very small portion on how CCP’s overseas social medias monitor public opinions.

Analysis One: a mysterious reclaimed Twitter account twitter.com/Boyanxiejun

  • Nickname: deputy director of Wumao overseas propaganda department.
  • Source: CCP foreign propaganda department,an organization engaging in CCP’s political and ideology propaganda.
  • Location: Xinjiang, the region with the worst human rights crisis in China
  • Link: 12339.gov.cn is from CCP’s national security website and this account was created in 2019.
  • @Boyanxiejun has brought investigators’ attention.

After proper word segmentation, we can tell “ Boyan” indicates where the user is from and “Xuejun” is a common Chinese name. We acquired more information after some searching.

Source link: https://testerhome.com/Raynor Note: xiejun ‘s real Chinese name is 谢军 who is 31 years old and come from Hengyang city, Hunan province, China and works in Beyondsoft Corporation (Shanghai) branch (internal reference)
Xiejun is from Pudong district in Shanghai and his office is located in the region of Pudong New Area

Let’s take a look at some tweets from @xuejun

This tweet can be interpreted as xiejun is a stuff serving as a collecter of reclaimed twitter accounts which are likely from Japan.
This tweet is interpreted @ZhaoSenseThree was reclaimed and its related account is @ZhaoSenseTwo Two→Three?
This is of significance in which Xiao Jianhua (肖仲华) is symbolic spokesman for the CCP. Summary of the tweets: xiejun is professional maintenance staff for twitter accounts and responsible for supporting CCP consensus spokesman to replace accounts. So which organization those maintenance staffs are from and which entity does the organization belongto? Xiao Jianhua (肖仲华)’s newest twitter account: https://twitter.com/xiaozhphd04
diba, one of the notorious internet troll army of the CCP in Twitter world. This tweet pointed out this account has been replaced for 7 times.
This tweet’s narrative is “to replace “Voice of Hong Kong”, a Twitter-cancelled account. This account was used to spreading the “fake” will of Hong Kong people. The above message has shown this organization has participated deeply in the activity to undermine, smurge, and spread rumor of righteous Hong Kong protestors.
This tweet was used to abuse Mr. Miles Guo who opposes authoritarian regime and supports the construction of Chinese democracy and rule of law.
This organization or agency has fabricated President Trump’s tweeter account. What is the political objective?

Above several examples represented a small portion of tweets from @Boyanxiejun and this has confirmed his CCP identity and his political objectives. We need to find out the entity of his organization or institute.

Analysis 2: what kind of company Beyondsoft is and why it has ability to deploy so fast globally?

Official Introduction:

Beyondsoft (Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed, 002649) is a global IT Consulting, Products, Solutions and Services provider.

Founded in 1995 and having headquarter in Beijing, China, Beyondsoft has over 40 offices, R&D bases and delivery centers globally, including facilities in United States, Japan, India, Spain, Malaysia, and Singapore. Relying on its strong R&D heritage and its ability to innovate, Beyondsoft has widely applied emerging technologies, like internet mobility, artificial intelligence, and big data, to provide powerful solutions and products for clients in a wide range of industries, including real estate, high-tech, finance, internet, logistics, automobile, retail, energy, manufacturing, aerospace, telecommunications, media, and travel.


In fact, BeyondSoft’s main profitable point is an emerging and rapid growth industry in China – internet censorship factory. Under the CCP’s control, censorship of the internet content has been developed into a complete industrial chain. Even the stock market also implied censorshipr. Beyondsoft is one of the most powerful company in scale, technology, deployment and implementation. The pic is the global headquarter in Beijing which is called No.7 building by insiders.

The core of Beyondsoft comes from Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics College. It’s worth noting that the CEO of Beyondsoft Wang Bin is CCP member.

Based on the number of social insurance participants, Beyondsoft Chengdu Branch has more than 1000 employees. Beyondsoft Xi’an Branch is bigger than Beyondsoft Chengdu Branch and has more than 1000 employees (massive outsource members that don’t participate social insurance). It is at a total scale of more than 4000 working for censorship project. Due to the human resource advantage, all censorship staff can join in and form a massive Twitter troll army at any time. They can fabricate, smear, abuse those heated events and people through the advantage of a great number of staff during hot period. In the meantime, they can also give the official accounts of CCP’s overseas media and CCP’s United Front associated media thumbs up to increase followers. Note: Beyondsoft has a total of 18,000 employee.

Analysis Three: The most mysterious thing is that Beyondsoft owns 100% shares ofRed Wheat . It is not certain whether Beyondsoft has ability to monitor public opinions on overseas social media or not. www.soften.cn

Red Wheat monitors domestic public opinion.

We have noticed a few of key information:

  • A: advanced overseas information collecting. ‘
  • B: take action in 15 minutes.
  • C: associated sensitive words.
  • As we all know, the Great Firewall block almost all overseas social media in China under the control of CCP, but how Beyondsoft collect overseas information?

Analysis of this section Public opinion monitoring:

As a country which has ‘closed’ network, internet dictatorship under strict censorship controlled by the CCP, and no access to overseas websites, how can they dare to monitor public opinion in a democratic country.

Intelligence collection:

What have the intelligence information been collected? Do these nations and people know about this?

7*24 monitoring: Who have been monitored?

This has been done over 15 country and 16 languages, which have covered almost all major languages.

What is the mechanism they used to called, “extraction of “valuable” information automatically”?

In summary of above: Red Wheat is spyware company 100% supported and protected by the CCP. Without informing overseas businesses and individuals, they collect massive global network information intentionally in an organized way. Then they transfer to China to analyze and process. What are the relationships between the CCP and these companies? What the ultimate purpose of CCP is? And who is the executor behind these activities?

Supplement information for the purposes of the CCP to monitor and control public opinions: It forms a “central kitchen” styled all- media reporting system that the the mainstream medias ( People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and Guangming Daily) will lead to explore information, to integrate reporting, to “amalgamate media” and to realize the “new style main stream media”. This will continuously strengthen the mainstream public opinion influence, enhance the mainstream media's ability to guide public opinion, and compete for international leadership in public opinion.

This figure (left) is from CCP’s public opinion think tank: Introduction of Peking University Internet Development Research Center

Analysis 4: Does Beyondsoft has ability to monitor public opinion (organizing web crawler)and deploy the web crawler globally?

The answer is yes. Beyondsoft definitely has technical ability and IP network to deploy web crawler directedly via foreign companies.

Analysis Five: Beyond Color Data Technology Company is held by BeyondSoft.

Beyond Color Data Technology has the same legal person as Red Wheat.
Does Beyond Color Data participate in People’s Network in public opinion monitoring? Yes.
Does the Beyond Color Data Technology provide IT services to the TikTok? It for sure provides tech support to its (TikTok) upstream company, Byte Dance.
Appendix (below): A list of domestic social media companies invested by ByteDance and the cost of hiring internet troll army. According to this information, monthly financial flow of these commercial troll armies reaches billions of Yuan per month. Figure below is the table of market price. The red frame has five companies, including Toutiao, TikTok, xigua, Huoshan, dcdapp. All of them are invested by ByteDance directedly. So, does Tik Tok has the same operation model or price quote overseas?

Analysis 6: Analysis of the interaction between @Boyanxiejun, a mysterious group currently active in Twitter world, and the anti-Whistleblower Movement Team.

The anti-Whistleblower Movement are targeted Mr. Miles Guo and his team of Whistleblower Movement and is CCP’s top, professional leveled team of internet troll army. This was organized and ordered directly from the CCP’s United Front Department and with the integration of Communication University of China and United Front System Associations across the country, Painting and Calligraphy Association, and the CCP propaganda system in the regions and other societal resources. “Anti-Whistleblower Movement Team” is the name of the task force with a sole purpose to attack, , discredit, spread rumors and verbal abuse Mr. Miles Guo, the leader of the Whistleblower Movement and his supporters, especially those members of current administration of the US.

According to the analysis of the core active members in the team, the team’s core contact is from Shanghai and Shanghai vicinity. The key members are composed of executives of internet giants, We-Media, and internet celebrities. The core members also include staffs of CCP’s National Intelligence and Security System, Police, and cyber-nvestigation technology system. Some members have been active on overseas social media since 2003. All core members of the Team are from this special group.

八瓣橘子七分甜(translated by its literal meaning as Eight-petal orange with 70% sweet) @congqianman1994 in Suzhou
A core member of Anti-Whistleblower Movement Team and an audio and video team member. BTW, Beyondsoft global headquarter is in Beijing. The building is No.7. This Twitter account has replaced and rename for many times on Twitter. Latest name didn’t change the avatar (does the person like the picture so much?) Orange/Chen Jinglin/Wang Xiaolu, the Nizi group, one of the anti-Whistleblower Team.

In the scene of this dialogue, the main focus is about blocking and unblocking of Twitter accounts. What are channels used to establish the relationship between them?

The anti-Whistleblower Movement Team-Nizi Group. For the past two years, in order to keep it secretly, the anti-Whistleblower movement team has changed nicknames of the main Twitter accounts frequently but keep the basic ID of these accounts.

Nizi group’s tasks are forgery video/picture and media editing. They are also responsible for the release of false information, as they have direct connections to the so-called overseas fake-democracy activists and various twitter accounts of overseas propaganda agencies under the control of CCP United Front system.

The anti-Whistleblower Movement Team collaborated with overseas media agencies/companies owned by the CCP United Front system organized many years ago. At the same time, they have recruited and bribed many overseas Chinese to participated in the network of CCP’s internet troll army. The CCP group in Shanghai has been pumping peoples secretly overseas for a long period of time with the coverage of forged political asylum materials to obtain US visas and through this channel of seeking of political asylums to infiltrate all levels in the United states.

They worked closely with the anti-Whistleblower Movement Team to actively participate in and cooperate with organizations that part of the United Front System.

Note: The picture above shows a Twitter account Yizhi and the real name is Shen Lie who was from Shanghai but active in Australia. (This Twitter account had been shut down by Twitter. She/he is in long-term partnership with CCP’s anti-Whistleblower Movement Team, for forging and spreading false information about Mr. Guo using messages or videos on different social network platforms. Members like him/her are part of the invisible power, the Sleepers, cultivated by the CCP overseas.)

Overseas Chinese Media Cooperation Organization (OCMCO) was initiated by the Hongkong Wenhui Bao, and registered in Hong Kong. This worldwide media organization has 81 branches in 27 countries across five continents.

Overseas Chinese Media Cooperation Alliance: Initiated by the China News Service, 336 partners overseas have voluntarily joined so far, their shared vision is “service, interaction, equality and win-win”. They have provided a platform to promote interactions between partners and integration of resources, as well as collaboration with the domestic media community to improve the development and environment of overseas Chinese medias and to provide a platform to promote their overall standards and influence.

A source link: http://www.cofa.org.cn/bhld.jhtml This is a CCP- controlled NGO but it popped up the above page showing the United Front Minister and eight Deputy Ministers (as framed in red) and Mr. Liang Guanjun (red underlined) who publicly threatened Mr. Guo in New York City.

Question: Why are there many CCP-controlled internet troll army forces; where are they coming from; and what are their operating mechanisms?

Analysis 7: Regarding the operating mechanisms of CCP internet troll army-Boyanjizhi

According to the introduction of Boyan Jizhin, its Mobillity laboratory has 1000+ test phones. The picture shows that all mobile phones are placed on test stands. On these testing shells, scripts/or external programs can automatically complete the specific app operation process for these mobile phones. This can be regarded as a working platform for CCP’s internet troll army.

Boyanjizhi needs to be pointed out – Jizhi crowdsourcing platform can distribute open beta tasks. It can be easily transformed into an artificial internet troll army platform by the CCP. However, there are specific requirements for the applicants (non-public recruitment).

The operation of the CCP is always pursuing the maximized economical benefits. As a result, they have tried to subcontract out the recruitment of the internet troll army for several times and found out the best outcome is from recruiting high school students.

https://twitter.com/Chenxy001/status/1246621252766150656 This 14-year-old kid was tricked to join the internet troll army.
Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/KanGe_ZJ is one of the core members of the internet troll army, based on the conversation below. His connection with RFI Chinese-French International Broadcasting Station has been established long time ago. It is operated by a student. CCP’s fraud has been “industrialized” from top to bottom. It is also the sorrow of the Chinese people. A special highlight is Beyondsoft Chengdu Branch

Analysis 8: How do twitter users based in Mainland China breach the CCP national firewall?

Take Zhao Jun @KanGe_ZJ Twitter account as an example

From the above twitter map distribution, KanGe_ZJ has interacted with areas across the globe (all red squares

Here are areas within mainland China.

Neighboring areas of Beijing

Beijing:https://twitter.com/terrixchan Tianjin:https://twitter.com/realShuliGuo Hebei:https://twitter.com/nimoural These three accounts also belong to CCP’s internet troll army

Neighboring areas of Shanghai

What most fascinating is that most of the internet trolls, have the same geographic coordinates. Does this imply that all the account owners gather at the same location when using twitter (do they “work” here)?
Also, it is puzzling that the buildings of the area are common for both commercial and residential purposes.

This is also in line with the operating model of Beyondsoft (https://beyondsoft.com/), an outsourcing company. (Shanghai DaHua No. Kindergarten is also located within this area – confirmed)

In the entire Shanghai region, what is the only VPN provider that matches the IP address https://twitter.com/pandashi0809? This is the owner of the Tweeter account below, who has twitted the VPN port (lower right). The account owner is the key to find out how many CCP internet troll army have accessed Twitter accounts via this VPN.


https://twitter.com/pandashi0809/status/1193179233234771968 The connection between this twitter account and CCP’s internet troll army can be found out through this Tweet. This is the reason that Beyondsoft technology plays an important role between “public opinions (twitter content) and security. Does Beyondsoft subcontract out the VPN service as well?

Australian region

The above showed the interaction between KanGe ZJ (from China) and two other users (Pauldeng and Andy51737215) from Melbourne Australia. It is fishy that the IP coordinates of these two twitter accounts in Melbourne have the same IP address but they have different themes, one for daily life activities and the other for political related topics. (You could argue that those two accounts belong to two different individuals but live at the same area.) This is not an independent case or personal preference to have separate phone for different purposes. This is most likely to be part of CCP propaganda operation to use a proxy twitter account to spread false information, control the narrative and mislead Chinese people in oversea.

@andy51737215 Retweet rumors about resident Trump, Secretary Pompeo and Mr. Steve Bannon
Different twitter accounts were identified from the same location.

According to KanGe.ZJ’s twitter account info and tweets, we can see he/she is from Chengdu, China. It is about 9000km away from Melbourne, Australia. How is the connection established between those individuals when they do not have anything in common in terms of age, academics, and personal interests?

https://twitter.com/chuanyuau/status/2042444560 This has clearly illustrated CCP has adopted a complex United Front system, for example using Australia Chuanyu Association to recruit oversea Chinese individuals to be part of their internet troll army to spread misinformation. The Chinese individuals have been paid or pressured by the CCP to carry out the tasks. Pressures such as Visa Application or the right to go back to China when the individual is banned for political reasons.

As a twitter account owner, Paul Deng has already acquired Australian citizenship, he is most likely benefit economically from the CCP. If this is true, the individual may bear huge legal consequences and this is not what we would like to see. Once again, this is not an individual case. Such situation exists in many Western countries such as Australia and the US. (Other cases from Australia will be further added.)

Supplement (figures below): This is another example of an active member’s tweets and clearly showed that the leaders of local overseas disinformation campaigns have been given a subsidy of 500 yuan for organizing more than 200 people in the social network group.

Analysis 9: Why are there so many CCP internet troll armies in Australia and New Zealand?

The organization structure is tight and well planned; the knowledge levels and skills are very professional with specialties computer science and media; and the age group of these people are at relatively younger age. Let’s see who the mysterious major shareholder of Beyondsoft is: according to Beyondsoft 2019 financial report: Gong Yaobin George.

(This person is first on the list of 2019 financial report above: Wang Bin (10.99% shares holder). In the yellow box: Wang Bin and Ma Qiang’s are alumni of Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University.


As a senior vice president and the fourth largest shareholder of Beyondsoft, Mr. George Gong was keen to interact with China’s overseas “democracy movement” rather than focus on his own business. Until now, he remains to keep in close connection with overseas’ “democracy movement”. Please note that Mr. George Gong has obtained the citizenship of New Zealand.

At the same time, the resume of Mr. George Gong’s work experience is very intriguing.

George Gong partnered with Stanley Zhang (founder and chief executive officer of HiChina, which was acquired by Alibaba Group in 2013), Gan Gong Jek (senior corporate venture capital and M&A professional formerly from Temasek-owned corporations and a media company in Indonesia), and Xujian (former Chief Engineer of Beijing Youth Daily, founded Jubilee Capital Management, a venture capital in Singapore, in 2015.

What is the true purpose of such venture capital firm that requires the combination of an internet giant, capital, technology and global deployment capability, and media (a CCP’s media) ?

Analysis 10: Beyondsoft Technology is the organizer and participant of CCP’s internet troll army. At the same time, it is also a beneficiary.


CCP internet troll army supported by high tech companies with sophisticated company structure has been aggressively monitor public opinions and penetrate the ideology overseas. The deployment of the internet troll army has been on-going for over past 10 years - social media influence requires cumulative login days and user followers’ relationship – through the branches of the United Front System around the world, the CCP assign tasks to the internet troll army targeting different social networking circles of different regions or fields. Please note that, in addition to Chinese and English, there are also different degrees of penetration into social networking circles in other languages. All the false information in audio and video formats are forged in Shanghai under the control of the CCP.

Confrontation strategies with the CCP internet troll army (for reference only)

  1. Firstly, to conduct a fully launched investigation on Beyondsoft’s branches in Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu, Beijing, Wuhan, andXi’an.to gather electronic evidence.
  2. Secondly, to conduct an in-depth investigation of the core personnel who are in charge of CCP’s anti-Whistleblower Movement Team to verify the personnel identities, either party members of CCP’s organizations or institutions or employees of Beyondsoft.

List of Twitter accounts are enclosed.

  1. At the same time, an investigation should be conducted on Song Tijin, CEO of Zhonghua Microvision Jiangsu Ltd. and Zhonghua Microvision Hong Kong Ltd. Song, an angel investor representing Shanghai Yili Investment, is a member of CCP’s United Front Organization). With the purpose of the deployment of narratives and controls of CCP’s ideology, from 2015, Song Tijin has merged/acquired many internet/media products and companies, including those foreign propaganda agencies with a theme of Chinese culture or companies exchanged for profits.
  2. Please also investigate those who has participated in spreading rumors, false statements, and verbal abuses on Mr. Miles Guo as well as Zhonghua Microvision Hong Kong Ltd. has conducted similar nasty behaviors to Hong Kong protestors who stood up against the Extradition Law.
  3. Thirdly, to investigate CMC Inc and China Media Capital, and Mr. Ruigang Li’s investments and his capital flows (http://www.cmcinc.cn/).
  4. Finally, a big thank to the United States, President Trump, and Chinese compatriots who support all Chinese people to pursuit freedom, democracy, and rule of law. In this global confrontation with the CCP, President Trump has made the right and tough decisions against the CCP which will have a huge and positive impact on all mankind. Much appreciated We would like to thank Mr. Mile Guo for his tremendous contribution and sacrifices to the entire Chinese people in the past three years. Through our investigation and analyses of the Twitter world over the past three years, all the sources of information with regards of rumors, false statements, and verbal abuses are from the CCP anti Whistleblower Movement Team based in Shanghai. CCP’s fear and radical actions have proven Mr. Guo’s claims are all true. We will always support the Whistleblowing Movement. Last but not the least, we would like to acknowledge Mr. Bluesky from CMA for his long-term technical platform support.

DT osint group

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