Different styles with Personality By Olivia Brodie

Everyone has a different style, and this can be shown in small things like your hair and what shoes you wear. Little things like hairstyle and type of shoes a person wear's can represent their personality. Shoes and a hairstyle can sometimes complement each other. When putting them together, it can show who the person is or what their style is day to day.


Ancient Greek Sandals NB €35 // short, straight dark brunette hair, naturally colored
"I really love my new sandals from Santorini"

Hilary's short and straight styled hair matches her unique and fun personality. Her dark colored hair brings out her natural beauty and features. Her black leathered sandals tie into her dark features and clothes. She purchased these sandals abroad in Greece showing how her style has changed based on living in Europe. The sandals add style and edge to her simple look, and complement her hair and clothing.


Brown leather boots €25 // long, curly brunette hair with caramel highlights

Edith's light brown, curly hair represents her natural and down to earth personality. Edith's style is cute, and casual. Her short chestnut brown boots match her highlights in her hair and add to the neutral colored look of her outfit and hair.


Black booties €30 // medium length red/brunette hair with turquoise ends

Tayler's style is fun and outgoing like her personality. Her turquoise colored hair represents this outgoing, confident vibe. Tayler died her hair while here living abroad showing a change in style and look based on environment. Her black leathered booties add a simple touch when complementing her hair.


Adidas Superstars €100 // medium length dark brunette hair with subtle highlights

Cheyenne has a classic fashionable style that matches her hairstyle. Her trendy Adidas represent how she keeps up with the latest fashion styles. Cheyenne's Adidas complement her classic styled hair and outfit by adding to the fashionable look.


Black Nike running shoes €50 // blonde hair up in a ponytail

Allison's style is sporty and athletic. This style represents the typical American look of wearing sporty clothing like leggings and workout jackets. Her hair is up in a pony tail portraying that she was working out or running or just going for the "athletic look" . This hairstyle matches her gym shoes representing her athletic style.


Adidas Superstars €100 // Short curly brunette hair

Jodie has a girly and fun fashion style. This can be recognized by her short and curly hair and light pink shirt. The shoes she chose to wear were adidas superstars with pink stripes. This color choice was interesting to me because it made the shoes unique and her style more apparent.


Light tan colored booties €60 // shoulder length blonde/light brunette hair

Lizzie's style is fun and friendly matching her personality. Her hair and her shoes that she wore are both light colors. This can represent a welcoming and friendly personality and style.


Black booties €180 // medium length hair with caramel highlights

Alanna's style is cute and casual. This can be seen by her straight naturally dark hair with some highlights. This style matches her laid back, sarcastic personality. Her black booties add to her classy style and add to her basic look.


Black boots €200 // medium length dark brunette hair

Kim's hair matches her classic simple style and represents her nice and friendly personality. Her black boots add style to her outfit and match her dark features. Her hair and shoes both complement her classy and simple look in her everyday life.


Vans €84 // Curly brunette shoulder length hair

Bailey's natural styled hair matches her down to earth and laid back personality. This also complements her outfit and shoes. She purchased her shoes in Italy representing maybe a change in fashion style based on the environment. Also, her shoes add a trendy and cute style to her look.


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