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A Way Of Living prides itself in its adaptation to the fast moving online retail space of e-commerce and supply chain, globally and nationally, using methods and models that benefit the seller and excites the buyer. One cart, one transaction, a world of local and international brands and apparel, merchandise, exclusive and limited edition fashion, brought directly to the user's door.

The company:

Boreng Maharaswa - Founder- Business development, project management, corporate marketing and communications

Nthustoa Maharaswa -co-founder, partner: Bcom Business Management (Tuks), Business Science; (Hons. Wits).

Gerald Lubita -co-founder, partner: Entrepreneur, Business owner, business development and acquisitions

AWOL uses the drop-shipping method of supply chain, which means that an order is only processed and shipped from a warehouse/supplier once purchased. This model is globally exploited as it results in no cost to the company such as warehousing, delivery, customs or unsold stock. This is made famous by B-2-B, B-2-C and B-2-C-2-C marketplaces such as, eBay, Craigslist, Airbnb and loclally; and

International Suppliers: AWOL has secured contact and deals with warehouses, brand agents and buyers in Wuhan, China as well as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (The Dubai Mall). Shipping is done via air freight through individual DHL and gdxzdExpress Asia agents within 13 days.

The Seller never gets shorthanded. Whether it's AWOL exclusive and luxury branded shoes, artist merchandise, growing local brands or those established and looking to take advantage of the online marketplace community without the admin and hassle, AWOL allows for a host of brands to individually receive, send and/or track their goods once purchased on AWOL with no monthly fee and the option of AWOL's delivery service through South Africa's leading e-commerce couriers.

Ultimate convenience for the buyer: hundreds of urban-centric products, targeting mainstream and niche markets on an innovative one-stop marketplace, completed with one transaction, and with the help of South African e-commerce focused delivery companies, free delivery to most areas of South Africa and within the week of order purchased for local brands and artist merchandise (AWOL stock in 15 days due to international procurement).

Direct competitors: Shelflife online store, SneakerSpaza, La Familia street culture,,,

The commerce: South African e-commerce growth; 2013- 10%, 2014- 14%, 2015-21% (source:, Fin24, Media24)

South African courier services growth; Cape Town- 32%, Johannesburg- 28% Pretoria- 7% (source: ParcelNinja CEO Justin Drennan, The business insider,

AUTHENTICATION IN WUHAN Website has already been purchased, awaiting publishing. Users currently sign up for our mailing list.

  • Healthy brand interaction
  • Agreed upon transaction fee for successful sales
  • Search Engine Optimisation through AWOL's web host
  • Sellers allowed to receive records of visitors on their product pages
  • Interlinked pages and product searches

AVAILABLE BRANDS: Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Asics, New Balance, Balenciaga, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, Supreme, Puma, Converse, Yeezy, exclusive collaborations, [TRNSND, Himeros luxury Swimwear for launch when AWOL begins with hosting other brands] to name a select few.

Marketing strategies: (Push and pull) In the world of online businesses, very few marketing methods are as pivotal as Search Engine Optimisation. AWOL's web hosting comes with SEO integrated software, allowing sellers' products to rank higher in the search results. SEO content development comes as an extra service. SEO helps sellers come up sooner in the "related to" tabs when users search similar products and for its worth, is entirely inexpensive.

Viral Marketing: Growing user base by encouraging others to connect with their friends, e.g promo-codes for discounts and Content Marketing. E-mail marketing is one of the most effecting marketing tools and the best form of viral marketing, AWOL currently has a growing mailing list, resulting in exploitation of the digital evolution of the oldest and most effective form of marketing - Word Of Mouth.

As AWOL is focused largely on the on-trend, 3 and above LSM, urban youth, the best growth strategy would be to approach influential and nationally known public figures for the promotion of the brand and products. Above the line marketing such as print and live media are part of the medium term growth plans as they are capital intensive although very necessary, but to reach the offline purchases, one often needs online encouragement.

In the age of image-conscious consumerism, brand ambassadors and endorsements are becoming key for sales driven products that are not necessities as marketing tools. This will expand with the growth and credibility of AWOL through networking and sponsor initiatives. This will greatly help the sales figures of AWOL stock as well as invite bigger variants and sizes of sellers to the marketplace, in its aim to become the biggest urban marketplace in the southern region and beyond.

Contact: Boreng Maharaswa -

Cell: +27 76 224 0869


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