Science With Stroud By makiya russelburg

Science teacher Lori Stroud's eighth grade science class often enjoys labs. On Friday December 14, 2018, her class worked on one.

Eighth graders Ashlyn Bonta, Ella Sims, Brody Wilcox and Chloe Korsmo work together to complete their lab.
Eighth grader Jacklyn Crews reads out of her science book and follows through with finishing the procedure.
Students pictured talk among their group members to work through the lab.
Eighth grader Abigail Bruner works on completing a pie chart and bar graph in her science notebook.
Eighth grader Amelia Hess is recording steps of the science lab procedure in her notebook.
Eighth grader Xander Phelps finishes the last part of his science lab on Google Classroom.

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