Terron's Profolio 2 Clay in the Working

Recently, in the art room I've been working mostly in clay media. Doing pinch pot creatures, or cups and bowls. Here is a picture of my pinch pot turtle. This was my first time really experiencing glazing a piece that I've made in Mrs. Gaylk's. So I learned how to glaze and do a pinch pot creature all in one project and I'm only learning more from here. If i could change anything about this, I'd change how colored the bottom of his shell.
I have also experienced wedging and recycling clay. I really enjoyed doing this because it was just enjoyable to do with Payne, getting our hands all dirty and sorta playing with it like playdoe. It was kinda like an adventure. I would say that if I have expressed any artistic behavior the most this past nine weeks, it would have to be developing art making skills. Maybe even engage and persist. Because throughout all of this, I probably have enjoyed this media the most and only wanted to do more the next day.
I expressed these behaviors because I have began learning new art techniques in clay like building a pot or making handles. So many other ways to build. I have improved in building and throwing pots and begin to improve as I practice. I focused on my work when I threw or had a clay project going at the time. My final goal, is to get a huge clay pot or project in general finished so I can give it to my mother and impress her. I believe that this has helped me to improve in this media as i persisted through it.
I have had many times were I have messed up yet learned from it. Working with clay is always a learning experience. Though when other people were throwing or in between my projects I would work on other projects like this one I'm making for my mother. A deck of cards giving 52 reasons why I love my mother. Which I hope she will love.

I wish I had more pictures to show of my projects but you have to remember I have thrown plenty of bowls or cups and have it turn out collapsing or falling. I cant find a few of them anymore either, someone must have took them. But I also experienced splitting the middle of the lip of a cup and giving it a scalloped look.


Lately I have began a new project I didn't know I would be doing. It turned out with me taking boxes from our pottery wheels and doing a collaborative project with a few friends. Adam, Todd, and Payne. Through this, I think I have learned to be more persistent and patient through how many days of painting this took to do. Also the fact I don't do projects like these much.
While building this cardboard sculpture and painting it all. The artistic behavior i believe I expressed the most was "collaboration". Constantly I asked for feedback from my group and got opinions on what we should do. How we should color and build it and had fun along the way. Some days I wasn't sure what to do next but these fellas always were there to move me along.
I was not only engaged and persistent because Mrs. Galyk gave us a deadline. But because I found interest in it and was just ready to see a final product. I was excited to see the final project of something I've never created before.
I like building it into a sculptor the best. Its fun trying to build it up into a tower and keep it standing to glue it. Painting it took longer than I thought it should have and dragged on to me. If I could change anything about this project. I wouldn't put foundation white on the bottom of this because the gold blends with the cardboard color and spots where the gold wont cover is white.
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