victorian sports kristin keng p2

Victorian sports were very important to the people. It gave them something to do, and something to watch in their free time. some of the favored sports were football, rugby, croquet, and cricket. sports were a big part of their cultures and the people loved them.

the sports have developed a lot since the victorian era. for example footballs rules were even close to how many there are now. all of the sports in this time period have changed a lot in one way or another.

For men the favored sport was football.This was because it was a hard contact sport.The favored sport for women was croquet.The women were not really allowed to play the harder contact sports, so croquet was a good fit for them.It was a sport that you didn't need to have strength or good technique in, which they believed women didn't have, so it was a perfect fit for them.


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