Abdulah Eljalafi Carbonate sedimentology and stratigraphy

Photo: mid-Cretaceous Maverick Intrashelf Basin Radiolitid-Chondrodontid Mounds of the Georgetown Fm., Overlain by Cross-bedded Skeletal Grainstones, Pecos River, Texas


Research Interests

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Paleoceanography, Paleoclimatology, Sequence Stratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy and Isotope Geochemistry, Geobiology, Remote Sensing, Paleogeography, Sea Level Change in Deep Time



Email: a.eljalafi@utexas.edu



Ph.D. in Geosciences (expected 2022)

The University of Texas at Austin, Jackson School of Geosciences


M.S. in Geology (2017)

Colorado School of Mines


B.S. in Geological Engineering (2015)

Colorado School of Mines

Photo: Eocene outcrop of the Fluvio-Lacustrine Green River Fm., White Face Butte, Colorado and Utah


Lacustrine Microbialite Morphological Evolution During the Early Eocene Climate Optimum, Colorado and Utah

Integrating Geochemical and Sedimentological approaches to investigate paleo-environmental controls on lacustrine microbial carbonate development and demise during hot-house conditions in the Early Eocene.

Manuscript Publication:

Photo: Eocene Microbial Carbonate Outcrop of the Green River Fm., Utah


Carbonate Platform Development and Demise During the Mid-Cretaceous in Central Mexico: Implications on Platform Response to Ocean Anoxic Events

Integrating remote sensing techniques via Unmanned Aerial Photogrammetry and Modeling with boots to the ground field work and data collection to investigate the stratigraphic development of mid-Cretaceous shallow water carbonate platforms and their response to global perturbations in the Ocean-Atmosphere systems.

International Collaborators:

Manuscripts: In Prep

Photo: mid-Cretaceous Caprinid Rudist Biostrome of the El Abra Fm., La Pastilla Canyon, Central Mexico

Mid Cretaceous El Doctor Platform's Eastern Escarpment in Central Mexico.

Photo: RCRL Annual Sponsor Meeting, discussing the sequence stratigraphic architecture of the El Doctor Platform

Channel-Debris Flow Complex of the Deep Water Tamabra Fm., Queretaro, Mexico


Geomorphic Indicators of Last Interglacial Sea Level Fluctuations (Pleistocene MIS stage 5e)


Teaching Experiences and Outreach

- Summer 2021: Assistant Instructor– Field Camp (undergraduate) – UT Austin

- Spring 2021: Teaching Assistant – Field Methods (undergraduate) – UT Austin

- Fall 2020: Field Teaching Assistant – Carbonate Depositional Systems (graduate) – UT Austin

- Summer 2020: Teaching Assistant – Summer Field Camp (undergraduate) – UT Austin

- Spring 2020: Teaching Assistant – Sequence Stratigraphy (graduate) – UT Austin

- Spring 2019: Teaching Assistant – Introduction to Geology (undergraduate) – UT Austin

- Spring 2018: Teaching Assistant – Sedimentary Rocks (undergraduate) – UT Austin

- Spring 2015: Assistant TA – Field Methods (undergraduate) – Colorado School of Mines

- 2013 – 2015: Geology Tour Guide, Teaching Kit Lead – CSM Geology Museum

- 2012 – 2013: Volunteer Earth Science Teacher – Crescent View Academy – 4th, 5th, 6th grade

- 2011-2012: College Math and Physics Tutor – Metropolitan State University of Denver

- 2011-2012: College Math and Physics Tutor – Red Rocks Community College

Photo: UT Austin Summer 2020 Field Camp in the Sacramento Mountains


Awards and Recognitions

- 2021 Meckel Family Named Grant – American Association of Petroleum Geologists Grants in Aid ($3,000)

- 2021 Ronald DeFord Field Scholarship Fund -University of Texas at Austin ($1,000)

- 2020 Student Travel Grant – American Geophysical Union ($1000).

- 2019 Best Poster Presentation Award – EAGE/HGS Conference on Latin America.

- 2019 Ronald Kinnison Deford Grant -University of Texas at Austin ($1,000).

- 2019 Graduate Research Grant, Geological Society of America ($1,725).

- 2017-2022 Graduate Student Funding Sponsorship – Reservoir Characterization Research Laboratory, University of Texas at Austin (5-year Funded Ph.D Degree).

- 2017 Honorary Mention, Geobiology Symposium, Colorado School of Mines.

- 2016 IBA Rocky Mountain Regional 1st Place Winner.

- 2016 IBA International 3rd Place Winner o Project Scope: Hydrocarbon Prospectively within the Cooper Basin, Australia using Five 3D Seismic Volumes and 80 Wells.

- 2015-2016 Graduate Student Fellowship Sponsor – Green River Consortium, Colorado School of Mines (2-year Funded Master’s Degree).

- 2015 Brunton Award, Scholastic Achievement and Enthusiasm in Geosciences, CO. School of Mines.

- 2015 First Place Senior Design Project (ABET Accredited Senior Design Class): Integrated Geological, Geophysical, and Petroleum Engineering Design Class.

- 2014-2015 Undergraduate Student Scholarship, Newmont Mining ($20,000).

- 2013 Geoscience Student Scholarship, Aera Energy ($4,000).

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