Common Core Refutation Save North Carolina's Public Education

Common Core is a government instituted program designed to ensure that public schools would be provided with a curriculum which produced students with the same basic education across the nation. Unfortunately, the resulting creation did the exact opposite of what its framers intended it to do. Instead, Common Core resulted in a bureaucratic nightmare, causing many students to falter in their educational desires. Thus, due to the unpreparedness of a public school education, the vast percentage of students that graduate from such an environment will result in an inadequate caliber necessary for college life and for the future.

The difficulties presented to students by way of academics, particularly within an environment hazardous to educational and or personal growth, can present a strong possibility of producing an attitude that is resistant to further learning.

Understanding amount of text and time that is required to accurately succeed in academics. Thus, the importance of a quality education is essential and without the necessary tools of learning provided through lower schooling, it can make it difficult to succeed in college.

The aspects of academics can be strenuous

Standardized testing only works for so long and advantages only those that can accurately take such tests in a timely manner, without taking into consideration those that function differently and are just as smart.

Common Core has resulted in the collapse of the American education system, and this becomes evident when observing the effects of a dysfunctional system creating faulty quality education and accountability. Therefore, Common Core needs to be removed from public schools so that all students, no matter their skill set, may have a chance to succeed.

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