Newsletter - Friday 11 June 2021

Chaplains' News

More! But what if instead of more we had BEST! Much of life is consumed by the need to find meaning through gain. However the great paradox is Jesus statement that giving these focuses up in favour of a focus on God will in the end produce lasting gain. Matt 6:33. It’s important to be mindful of what we hope for!

Imagine belonging in this way- imagine that when our children think of care, love, integrity and fairness they think of us as parents and staff! Imagine that, what a great gain! What if this was the overriding focus we are asking God to help us tap into, what an awesome outcome it will produce!

Jesus gave up in order to gain and His legacy is care, honesty, unconditional love, fairness and honour! As a result, when people think of Jesus they often think of His legacy of loving-kindness!

Today is another opportunity to lay hold of that legacy- take hold of eternity in Jesus it is yours! Imagine the legacy of belonging we can build with our children!

Whole School News

A Note from our Wellbeing Co-ordinator - Mr Ben Stewart

Developing student wellbeing is a significant focus of schooling in Australia, and is a major priority for parents and teachers alike. The Alice Springs Education declaration (2019) articulates that schools need to promote excellence and equity and help young people become confident and creative individuals, successful lifelong learners, and active and informed members of the community. These goals are also consistent with the values of Adventist Education: to be thriving Christ-centred learning communities that reveal Jesus and enable every student to flourish.

Dr Ross Greene, a renowned author and child psychologist, highlights that young people ‘do well when they can’. As educators and parents we know that supporting young people towards positive outcomes involves teaching them skills and providing opportunities for practice, reflection and choice. We also know that young people need to experience boundaries, clarity and an environment that is safe within which to develop and acquire these skills.

We too, have all been supported through opportunities and had experiences that impact us positively – that teach us in a way that leaves us better off, more ‘well’ than we were before. The focus of wellbeing education at Wahroonga Adventist School is to provide the opportunity, access, choices, resources and capacities for individuals and the wider school community to aspire to their unique sense of wellbeing, whilst contributing to a sense of community wellbeing.

I invite you to take a moment to reflect on some of the people and opportunities that have contributed positively to your wellbeing. Remembering these moments can help bring some positivity into your day today, and can help support your ongoing wellbeing.

Shared Values in the Classroom

What do our four values look like in the classroom? There are so many behaviours that could be included, and to ensure that there is clarity, we have distilled the positive behaviours for learning that we expect to see in all classrooms across the school. Whether a child is in Prep or in Year 12, the values you see below are the basic expectations. Each behaviour actually provides an opportunity for deepening shared understanding and I encourage you to have a conversation with your child about the values as we work together to raise respectful and confident young people.

What is Compassion?

A school parent, Mrs Suzanne Mann, is a keen advocate of developing understanding of the school’s for key values. As a facilitator of Compassionate Integrity Training, we thank her for sharing her expertise by writing about values in our school newsletter. Below is the first of a series.

School Parent Receives Accolade

Mr Craig Price, a parent of four children at our school, received one of the highest honours awarded by the Australian Union Conference National Education Council. Craig has been a strong champion of Adventist Education in Sydney and our school for over 10 years. He was appointed to the Greater Sydney Conference Education Board of Directors in 2010 and his exceptional skill in financial matters and actuary expertise made a significant contribution to the restructure and repositioning of the school system. His volunteer work and wisdom in championing the expansion of Wahroonga Adventist School is much appreciated and we honour him.

Schizencephaly Awareness Mufti-Day – Friday 18th June 2021

On Friday next week, 18th June, the SRC are holding a mufti-day for all students from Prep to Year 12 to raise funds for Genetic Alliance Australia. We will be specifically focussing on schizencephaly awareness and ask students to please bring a gold coin donation and to wear the colours purple and green on the day. Activities, including a trivia game, will be available for the students at lunch time.

Sydney Eisteddfod Entries

This semester, our String Orchestras have been busy rehearsing every Thursday in preparation for our first Sydney Eisteddfod. This year, the Eisteddfod is running via video submission instead of live performances. Each group prepared and recorded 2 contrasting pieces which have been uploaded and will be adjudicated in two sections of the Eisteddfod.

Our Primary Chamber Orchestra is competing in the Primary String Orchestra (Novice/Intermediate) event and played two original pieces, "Boogie Fever" and "South Brisbane Tango," both by Queensland string pedagogue, Loreta Fin. You can access the recording of their performance here.

The Camerata (Senior School String Orchestra) is competing in the Secondary School String Orchestra (Intermediate) event and played arrangements of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 and Viva la Vida by Coldplay. You can access the recording of their performance here.

The results will be announced in Term 3. Congratulations to all our musicians who have shown such dedication to this enormous undertaking and have already achieved meeting the high standards of this external competition.

WAS Connect

Relax, get to know other parents and connect over a cuppa on Tuesday mornings at Fox Valley Church. Come along and enjoy a free cup of coffee or tea made by a barista while having a chat to other mums or dads from our school community. No pre-booking is required, just drop in and say hi.

Calendar of Upcoming School Events

You can access the list of upcoming School events via the link below. The School Calendar is also available under the Parent Information tab on the School website.

Term Dates for 2021

Please click on the link below to view the school term dates and public holiday information for 2021.

School News - Years P to 6

Junior Chapel Times

Please note Junior School Chapel starts at 8:50am and concludes at around 9:30am. You are most welcome to attend our Chapel service on the day that your child’s class is hosting, COVID restrictions permitting. To view the Term 2 Chapel roster please click on the link.

Reports & Interviews

Please note, Kindergarten to Year 6 reports will be sent home on Friday of Week 9. Interviews are scheduled for Week 10. Communication will be sent shortly outlining the details for interviews.


As the weather is getting colder and students come with multiple layers on in the mornings, could you please check that names are clearly visible on all jumpers, jackets and hats. This will help us to return lost items to the owner in a timely manner.

Creative and Performing Arts Nights

Tickets are still available for our Primary School Music Showcases (Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6). It’s not too late to get your tickets to see our students shine. Please use the following links for further details and to reserve your free tickets.

Years 3 – 4 Music Showcase: Thursday June 17, 6:00-7:30pm at Level 1 Wedge, Wahroonga Adventist School

Years 5 – 6 Music Showcase: Wednesday June 16, 6:00-7:30pm at Fox Valley Community Centre

NSWPSSA Girls Basketball Championships

Last week was very busy for Sasha Clague who went to the NSWPSSA Girls Basketball Championships in Cambridge Park. The CIS team she was part of came in 6th place out of 15 and she was later selected to represent NSW at the PSSA competition in Western Australia. Unfortunately due to COVID and concerns over interstate travel, the competition will not be going ahead. If you would like to watch Sasha and her team playing, please click here. Please note that her game starts at approximately 2:02:00 into the video.

CIS Cross Country

On Thursday 10th June, four students went to CIS Cross Country at the Sydney Motorsport Park in Eastern Creek. Isabel P, Logan L, Joel R and Kyle S competed against other school organisations during a very cold and wet day. After the High School students had finished their events in the morning, the track started to show a lot of wear and tear - our Primary School students persisted through the mud and constant drizzle and should be very proud of their achievements and the courage they showed.

Upcoming Primary School Sporting Events

  • Date TBA - NSWPSSA Golf Championships
  • 16th July - NSW PSSA Cross Country Championships
  • 4th August - CIS Primary Girls Softball Trials
  • 5th August – Wahroonga Adventist School P-6 Athletics Carnival (Parent helpers, please complete the survey here.
  • 11th August - CIS Primary Girls Cricket Trials (8-13yrs old)
  • 19th November - Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Basketball Association Gala Day (Years 3-6 only. Please complete the survey here.

If your child participates in representative Girls Softball or Cricket and is interested in attending the CIS Trials, please email nathan.hurst@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au. Please note that students will need to be provided with transportation and supervision for this event.

Co-Curricular Program

During the school holidays we will have Code Camp on campus from the 7-9th July. To receive the $25 early bird discount please click here before the 30th of May!

We are excited to offer some new co-curricular opportunities in Term 3. Limited spaces are available, book now!

• For more information on Tae Kwon Do please click here

• For more information on After School Coding please click here

School News - Years 7 to 12

Music Students Representing our School at Sing Praise Concert

On Friday the 4th of June our students embarked on a rehearsal at Wahroonga Adventist Church for the concert Sing Praise. Nicholas P – Cello, Grace C – French Horn, Aiyang Z – Trumpet, Kenneth P – Violin and Matthew N- Violin all were part of the Orchestra for this event. The repertoire was challenging and they played with adults and professionals in the orchestra. They worked tirelessly and adapted, practiced and represented the school in an amazing way. The concert master commented on the excellence our students were showing and how it was evident that music is being fostered within the classroom, that our co-curricular music programs provided ample skill building and understanding of music, which was exemplified in their orchestral playing. I would like to thank Patrick Oats our trumpet tutor and Natalie Miller our music teacher who stepped into the brass section and played beautifully.

Renee L, Charlotte L and Maya J, our senior music students, also contributed to the event with one performance. They did a wonderful job and are to be commended on their dedication to the music program at WAS.

English News

Year 8 English Enrichment 

A selective group for passionate English students in Year 8. The first session is beginning on Monday, 21st of June from 7:25-8:25am - parents have already been emailed and invited. Run by Mrs Delacruz & Miss Marks.

Year 10 English Extension

This club has been running all year & involves some Year 9 students as well. It occurs on Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30am and is there to extend capable Year 9 & 10 students who love English. Run by Mrs Delacruz.

If your child is interested in attending or you would like further information please contact Mrs Delacruz at jasmine.delacruz@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au.

Maths News

Maths Help Club

If you are in Years 7-12 and would like some help with maths assessments or homework, Maths Help Club runs every Wednesday lunch in GLA 2. Come and ask a question!

Well done to all who participated in the Newsletter Challenge for Term 2.

Student Recognition

We would like to acknowledge Lala’s participation in the One Giant Leap Program. She has received a certificate from June Zakrajsek from the Radioisotope Power Systems Program at NASA’s Glenn Research Center. Well done Lala for your contribution!

Year 7 and 8 Music

Students in Year 7 and 8 have been introduced to playing as an ensemble utilising BUCKETS! This exercise promotes creativity, listening and musical exploration. It has become a firm favourite in the classroom with its versitility and engaging elements when participating in a percussion like ensemble. Students have been working together with their teacher on items and have participated in various programs. Performing with great energy and excitement, our Year 7 class has performed twice already and is looking forward to their third performance in June.

Creative and Performing Arts Night

Tickets are still available for our High School Creative and Performing Arts Exhibition. Please use the following links for further details and to reserve your free tickets:

High School Creative and Performing Arts Exhibition, Wednesday June 23, 6:00-8:00pm at Fox Valley Community Centre

We look forward to celebrating our students musical and creative talents over the next two weeks.

CSSA State Netball Gala Day

On Monday the 7th of June, our U15s and Opens girls netball teams participated in the CSSA State Netball Gala Day. There were over 30 Schools that participated in the day. The U15s came 6th in their pool, and the Open girls came 3rd in their pool. Unfortunately both teams did not make it into the finals, however they gave they best efforts and we are very proud of the sportsmanship they displayed on the day.

CSSA Zone Football Gala Day

On Tuesday the 8th of June, our U15s and Open boys football team and our Opens girls football team competed in the CSSA North Met Zone Football Gala Day. Northern Beaches, Pacific Hills, Covenant Christian and Oxford Falls all proved too strong for our teams. It was a great learning day to understand the high level of ability that we face at our CSSA Zone events. Well done to all who participated and we look forward to our next Zone Gala Day – Basketball on Friday the 20th of August.

Student Spotlight - Year 12 - 2021

Meet Claudia...

1. How long have you been at Wahroonga? Since Year 2, so I am currently in my 11th year of attending this school.

2. What subjects are you studying in your HSC? English Extension 1, English Advanced, Maths Advanced, Biology, PDHPE, Visual Arts.

3. What’s your greatest life achievement so far (either in school or out)? Surviving 18 years in a household of 11 people… wouldn’t have it any other way.

4. What advice would you give your Year 7 self going into high school? Make mistakes often, and learn from them. They will bring the best and worst experiences, and provide opportunity for growth and understanding of your person, as well as the world around you.

5. What career would you like to do once you leave school? I haven’t got my heart set on anything in particular, but I would love to give a shot at starting a business with my art (selling etc), and see where that takes me.

6. Any school study/survival tips for those in younger grades? Grades aren’t the end of the world, learn the content and apply yourself, but don’t let that hold you back from having some fun. I can't remember the grades I got in my younger years of high school, but I sure can remember the memories I made with my class mates.

7. Best thing you’ve ever eaten for lunch? Technically it wasn’t lunch, but this garlic bread I ate once. Best garlic bread ever!

8. Favourite excursion? Year 10 Camp – I saw my first shooting star. It was the longest camp I had been on (total of 6 days). It tested my perseverance, and I made some unforgettable memories.

9. Favourite day at school? A day in Year 9, at the end of lunch we made our way back from the oval after playing soccer with Mr Ed, to then be followed by physics with Mr Bastos, in which I played fire boy and water girl. I think it was the obliviousness of what was coming in the next years of school that made it so good.

10. A quote from you... “I’m gluten free” *eats garlic bread*

Meet Michael (Mike)...

1. How long have you been at Wahroonga? I have been here since Year 7, so nearly 6 years.

2. What subjects are you studying in your HSC? I'm currently taking 13 units; English Advanced, Math Advanced and Extension 1, Physics, Business Studies, Economics, and Information Processed & Technology (IPT).

3. What's your greatest achievement so far? I taught my brother Max to tie his shoelaces.

4. What advice would you give to your Year 7 self who is starting high school? Definitely finish assignments early and learn the importance of drafting your work.

5. What career would you like to do once you leave school? Either go into a business or/and an IT-related area.

6. Any school study/survival tips for those in younger grades? Don't be scared to ask your teachers or even friends for help!

7. Best thing you've eaten for lunch? A sandwich that mum made.

8. Favourite excursion? Year 10 Camp - hiking and sea kayaking at Patonga.

9. Favourite day at school and why? 4th of November - the day of my final HSC exam.

10. A quote from you... "Be yourself, because an original is worth more than a copy."

Library News

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to William L (KE), Evie B (1S), Victor K (4L) and Chloe C (KA) who have all finished the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Great reading! Remember, the Premier’s Reading Challenge does not finish until the end of August so there is still plenty of time to complete it. Happy reading!

Last Week of Borrowing for Prep

This week is the last week of borrowing for Prep students. Please make sure all library books are returned to the library before the school holidays. For all other classes borrowing will continue over the holidays. If your child is still completing the Premier’s Reading Challenge and would like more PRC books for holiday reading please email me at library@wahroonga.advnentist.edu.au stating how many books you would like (max. 10 books) and collect them the last week of term. Thank you!

Library WebAPP

Wahroonga Adventist School Library has an online catalogue which makes searching for resources easy from any device with internet access. By logging on to your child’s personal details you can see what books they currently have out, due dates, borrowing history and much more. To visit our Library WebAPP go to bit.ly/waslibrary and follow the instructions on the guest page to access your child’s personal details.

Home and School

Home and School met again on the 1st of June to keep us on track for school events and developments. There are certainly some exciting things happening at Wahroonga - I really hope you have been able to see and hear the positive changes.

Home and School Movie Event!! Sunday 20th June 2021

Laser Tag - Sunday 18th July 2021

Home & School Meeting Dates for 2021

TERM 3 - Tuesday 27th July and Tuesday 31st August

TERM 4 - Tuesday 5th October and Tuesday 2nd November

Meals with Love

If you know a school family that would benefit from a home cooked meal, please let us know and we’d be happy to arrange it.

We would greatly appreciate any meal or lunchbox snack donations that can be stored in our school freezer. These meals and snacks are packaged up with fresh salads provided by our Canteen. Please attach a list of ingredients and the date the meal was made to aid in distribution. We do request no pork or shellfish ingredients please. If you require storage containers, please see the Canteen. If you have any questions or would like us to arrange a meal for a family you know, then please send us an email. We thank you for your continued support.


Bits and Pieces