Blurry Istanbul A journey without vision

When I tell people that I had been born with an genetically disabled eye they often react outranged. But actually I didn't even notice my disability until I was about 9 years old, having hard times whilst trying to read the blackboard at school. Because even though my right eye was pretty neigh dead before the operation (15% vision), I had been able to see fairly good because my brain mostly uses the left eye, which fortunately is healthy. Having a fuzzy vision was my normal state and I couldn't even imagine that there is the opportunity to see clearer.

Still an operation was needed to stop my right eye from perishing totally. I decided to undergo the surgery in a well-known eye clinic in Istanbul. After the operation was done, I had the chance to travel this overwhelming city, what I enjoyed a lot. Although I had badly irritated eyes and a blurry vision, catching some beautiful and inspirational motifs was a big aim of mine. I've decided to share the motifs with you in the exact same way I saw them - totally blurry.

Mural Art

Strikingly lovable details on ceilings.

In many buildings you can find beautiful mural art on ceilings, what immediately lends to an unforgettably oriental atmosphere.

Depending on the district you're in, walls are changing in their way of being decorated. You can find everything, from mosaic to graffiti in its best kind.

free art
free art
a well on the wall

Grand Bazaar

I was most impressed by the «Grand Bazaar», where one can meet locals as well as tourists. The prices of the items always leave room for negotiation, so you can benefit even more when you're a persevering person.

The range of products is huge and the stands are colourful. Also try not to miss the tastes of turkish black tea nor the dry fruits.

Spices, tea leafs, dry fruits and turkish delight, all worth a try.

Tradition and Modernity

In this little time I had left, a boat tour was the best opportunity to see most of Istanbul. Therefrom it got even more obvious to me how near tradition and modernity lay in this city.

Mosques and skyscrapers built nearby, giving the impression of descending from other planets.

The difference between tradition and modernity is also seen in the gastronomical section.

I will definitely miss the street food stands, where in my opinion real culinarily tastes of a culture can be found.

After having spent 3 awesome days in this city, I was kind of sad when I had to pack my case. Istanbul is a city worth visiting when you want to experience cultural diversity and when you're appreciating art in details. But mind, if you're an adorer of tranquility it will be a challenge for you to travel this city. With its' population of 20 MIO Istanbul pulsates 24 hours a day. Without stopping, not even at night...

Thus for the next time I won't forget to take my earplugs with me...

The End

Thank you

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