Vegas (Quarantine) isn't boring March 23-27

Have fun at home by making arts and crafts, cleaning and trying out a new hobby.


Photo courtesy of PickPik

Staying at home can quickly become boring, so to stay busy, you can do. some art! Things like painting, drawing or making different art crafts can bring out creativity.

When: Whenever you feel like making something

Where: Your house

Price: Free, unless you need to go get materials


Photo courtesy of Picpedia

With the Coronavirus around, cleaning can be a way to lessen the chance of you contracting the virus. Cleaning can also be a way to cure boredom. Clean around your room, your car or your whole house and you'll feel a sense of productivity.

When: The space around you needs some cleaning

Where: All over your house

Price: Free


Photo courtesy of Flickr

If you've never tried to do photography, now is a good time to start. You can use your phone or an actual DSLR, if you have one, and take pictures of things around your house. There's also a bunch of editing apps that can enhance the look of your photos once you're done taking them.

When: Whenever

Where: Your house, neighborhood, anywhere you go

Price: Free