The Dangers of Drunk Driving BY: Shea murray

Driving while drunk is a very bad idea and can result in various consequences.
One consequence is getting pulled over while drunk driving and getting a DUI or an illegal consumption if under age. Getting a DUI results in losing your license for a certain amount of time, having a breathalyzer in your car afterwards for a certain amount of time, and required to go to court and participate in classes that help aid with not driving under the influence.

Another consequence of drinking and driving is causing harm to others.

While driving drunk, your senses are impaired, so that can result in going off the road or hitting someone.

Drunk driving can cause harm if you get into an accident.

The driver and the other car can get really injured or even die.

While driving drunk, your senses become very impaired. Everything looks dizzy and you're not in the right state of mind. Due to your impaired senses and eyesight, crashes are more likely to happen.
Driving while drunk has many consequences, so the best idea is to hand your keys over to someone sober or call someone to take you home.
Drinking and driving can result in many consequences, and if you harm or kill someone, you can serve jail time. Don't drink and drive!!



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