Seasons by: phoebe s.

Summer heat disappears, colours of red, yellow, and orange are suddenly everywhere. A cold harsh wind comes. A light layer of white dust and crystal teeth appear, all the red, yellow, and orange are gone and all you can see now, are big, brown, tall sticks coming out of the once warm ground. After a long harsh month, animals come out of the dark and into the light. Everyone is playing, and so the cycle repeats.Seasons all over the world change, whether you have 1, 2, 3, or 4 seasons. It repeats, and repeats, and repeats in a cycle of seasons sort of like the cycle of life according to scientist of NASA.

Seasons are always in the same order and circles around like a bicycle wheel. The seasons usually go like this summer, autumn,winter, and spring. Some people believe that fall is a season, in some ways fall is a season and isn’t one. Autumn and fall are the same thing but for some people autumn is quite long so they break it up into two separate seasons. Summer is the hottest time of the year, it is also very dangerous because their can be many droughts and people have an easier chance of dying from dehydration such as in 2003, 30,000 people died. Summer is the hottest time of the year and is very hard because their can be many droughts and people have an easier chance of dying from dehydration such as in 2003, 30,000 people died. Winter is when places start getting colder, some places get snow and ice while other just get cold rain or just a couple breezes now and then. It is also the time when animals usually hibernate, also, it is the time when people celebrate christmas. Spring is where everything starts to come back to life from the winter and when newborn animals come. According Livescience, seasons change on the timing and place of the earth. Places near the equator don’t get snow due to where the sun is facing it. People living near poles don’t get warm winters they actually get freezing, snowy, and icy winters and still coldish summers.





Seasons change in different ways depending on where you live such as, if you are near the North and South Pole you get all seasons but if you are near the equator you get you only get 2 seasons. A lot of people also think that during the summer the Earth gets closer to the sun, but this idea is incorrect because the earth is always in one spot like their is a pole holding it there but it does spin to control day/night and temperatures. The tilt was caused by a Theia long ago before humans existed. It crashed into earth and made a giant hole in the ground which sent dust and rubble into the atmosphere which is thought to be what made the moon.


Snow is when water vapour is in the air but it cannot turn to water because it already froze. It also depends on the change of temperature in the clouds since water vapour goes into the clouds to become rain. Dirt in the air is what makes snow. When water freezes and turns into crystals and attaches to dirt in the air it forms into snowflakes. Snowflakes can have at least 200 crystals. Snow can be dangerous if you stay out in it for too long you could get frostbite. According to easyscienceforkids, Snow is made when it is cold and there is moisture in the air.


Leaves have a chemical that soaks up energy and sunlight to turn carbon dioxide into Oxygen. Trees change from green to other colors due to the change in the time in the day and the amount of sunlight it gets. This is when the Chlorophyll breaks down and the green disappear so yellow and orange come. This time of year also make the leaves have chemical changes. Where the leaf is attached to the tree another layer of cells get developed into tissue to support the leaf. When the leaf is blown off of the tree it leaves a leaf scar. Temperature influences the color of the leaves low degrees and above reading makes the leaves turn bright red like how places in the human body can turn ink in cold temperatures. Rainy days increases the fall colors. Trees like pine, spruce, and hemlock leaves stay green all year long and most leaves fall off after 2 years

Again and Again you will start to see these things happening. As many things go, by you will probably notice on what you don’t have. Such as if you live near the equator you don’t have snow and you will probably think of crazy things like “we should be built under a dome of cold air” I know I have been their, but you should also realize what you do have especially during autumn. And that season are very different and it takes so much work for the Earth to change it.


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