Evan Fasnacht My adventure At auyuittuq PARK

The car ride there was the worst 13 hours of my life. It was miserable, there was no leg room I was hungry the whole ride there and I couldn't cough the whole ride there because there was a baby on board and we didn't want him to get sick. But... finally we Arived and I burst out of the car and ran laps around the center while the rest of my family talked and stretched out there bones.
For breakfast we had ham toast and a lot of healthy fruit. It tasted so good and all day it kept me energized and I hardly ate because of all the snakes I had during the car ride.
A little after breakfast we took a hike and we seen a bunch of bugs and a lot of big birds that I could not identify at the time but I think they were bald eagle or a hawk. And the tour guid showed us a bush of berries and she said they were edible and I tried one and they tasted like raspberries!
On the end of our hike we stoped and ate lunch. We had burgers hot dogs and fruits and some corn. One of the hot dogs cought on fire and i had it because I love any food that is dark or a little burnt. And in the cooler we had a little tub of ice cream and I ate a little bit.
When we got back to the car with the camper hooked to the back of the car we started to defrost the chicken and we started a bon fire right next to the cooking fire.


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