Glitch by maisy whitbread

Message: People are using their phones more and more and cyber bullying is becoming a bigger and growing problem. People use their phones too much and trust them too much as well.

The movie starts of with everyone together and having fun. This slowly changes as more and more people start getting distracted and going on their phones. People slowly start freezing until everyone is frozen but one person and they have to figure out how to unfreeze everyone.

Setting: Outside on the grass, in the sun with friends, there is no reason to be on your phones.


  • Group of about 6-8 school girls, year 9 - hanging around
  • Main school girl: who unlocks the secret. She is shy but very inquisitive and needs an answer to everything.


  • Dr WHO (Blink) - If your looking at the statue then it freezes, if your looking at your phone you freeze.
  • Glued in - Measures the amount of time to spend on a device. People spend too long on their devices and its becoming a big problems in todays society.

long shots to show impact

close ups to show emotion


Created with images by Tony Rammaricati - "Mi dica, secondo lei esiste una vita prima della morte?" • LoboStudioHamburg - "twitter facebook together" • WDnetStudio - "social media facebook twitter" • FlashBuddy - "girls women happy"

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