Computer Science Vs. Home Ec Caitlin Cattano

Home ec classes are being replaced by computer science in many schools. The question is: which is more beneficial?

In home ec classes, students learn so many skills they are bound to use at some point. Everyone needs to learn how to cook, clean, and do laundry.

According to Roxanne Emadi, a promotional strategist for, “There’s a big difference between knowing how to use technology and knowing how to create technology.” Almost everyone in this day and age knows how to use technology. The goal in creating coding classes is to teach kids how to create technology for the future.

Teaching kids how to code early is important in this time. We are undergoing a digital revolution that kids need to be prepared for. Kids are the future and so is technology.

In some home ec classes, the students learn how to manage money. This is one of the most important skills everyone needs to know how to do. Not managing your money can completely ruin your life. With the help of home ec, kids can learn about money early.

The problem with coding is this: not everyone is interested. For some, coding can be a nightmare. One tiny mistake and everything in your code is completely messed up. I've been there. But for others, especially the video game obsessed, coding their own games might actually spark an interest that can take them far into the future.

The students should be able to choose which class they would like to take based on what benefits them personally more. Everyone is different, and everyone isn't interested in the same thing.

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