Field trip De-brief

Q 1:


We all agree that Barangaroo is...

- Well tended to

- Not authentic

- Not enough focus on Aboriginal culture without a tour

- Artworks reflected aboriginal culture

- Noisy from construction


Some of us had been there before

Some felt that the tour was informative of his own Aboriginal culture where others thought there could have been more of Tim's cultural background

Some of us already knew the history which made a presumption before tour whereas others didn't.


- Saw the art exhibition

- See sandstone

- Quietness

- Reflective

- See people interacting with work

- Hear choir


- Feels like a market

- Doesn’t look Australian

- Who inhabits the area?

- Colourful

- Smells like you are in Asia

- Not many people talking English


- Key issue – causes noise for when exploring Barangaroo.

Seeing a global city being built. Contrast south side of reserve

- Was there a compromise?


- Shows process of selling off public housing for money and building of luxury realestate.

- Highlights inequality shows global city is only for rich, white collared,

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