Gravity The mysterious feature

Fundamental Mystery

By:Sam Walsh


Have you ever wondered how you jump up but yet your feet always come back down to the ground? Also how that on the Moon you can jump higher than on Earth? It’s time to discover all that gravity has to offer including its discovery, location, and it’s capabilities.

How Was It Discovered?

Strangely enough, it all started around 100 years ago when an apple fell on a boy’s head, and was further known as the father of gravity. His name was Isaac Newton. He was sitting under an apple tree on a nice sunny day. An apple falls on his head and he suddenly comes up with a theory. A theory of a force pulling items down to the core of the Earth. A theory of if the sun disappeared, the planets would go out of orbit. Isaac Newton thought this mysterious thing was a force that instantaneously spreads across any distance. But you’ve only heard the beginning.

Isaac Newton

Down To Earth

Did you ever think of how your feet stay planted to the ground 24-7? This interesting feature of the universe is called Gravity. Gravity pulls all things towards the center of the Earth. The incredible natural feature affects every single planet and object. In the case of that matter, the more massive the object’s size is, the more gravity affects the object. Also in this case of matter, the more matter there is the greater amount of Gravity there is.

Where Can It Be Found?

Surprisingly, gravity can be found everywhere in the whole world including outer space, galaxies and universes. In fact, all objects can still feel the dynamic gravitational pull from different items such as space stations, rockets, meteors and planets. Its range or distance is infinite which means its expansion has no limits. After all of this given information, you should have a good idea about what gravity really is and how it contributes to our universe.


Gravity is a helpful, important and necessary contribution to our Earth. The topic of gravity has so many interesting parts that include the gravitational pull and fundamental force. Gravity is actually way more interesting than it may seem or sound. In fact, it is the main factor that our lives depend on. It is just as important as food and water. Overall, gravity impacts our lives every single day.


Dynamic: active,forceful:adjective. Infinite:no limits or bounds. Instantaneously:coming or done in an instant.

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